The January Man


Action / Crime / Mystery / Thriller


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Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as Bernadette Flynn
Susan Sarandon as Christine Starkey
Kevin Kline as Nick Starkey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mjhalta 9 / 10

One of those overlooked and underrated gems

The one scene with Rod Steiger berating Danny Aiello is worth the price of renting this movie. In fact it has several memorable scenes that set it apart from the usual paint by number serial murderer mysteries. The hero is a quirky character played to perfection by Kevin Klein. The movie has an interesting, intertwined romantic plot with a twist to it that is satisfying if not unexpected. I have watched this movie many times and will undoubtedly pull it out again to watch all over. You can do that with certain movies, others gather dust. A movie is a collection of scenes, some of them memorable, some not. This movie has its share of memorable ones and maybe thats why I keep coming back.

Reviewed by nyjetspotter 6 / 10

A misunderstood film...

January man is kind of a neat movie that is clearly a romantic comedy masquerading as a psychological thriller. It has a wonderful cast, an acclaimed screenwriter and even a Marvin Hamlisch score. The film was billed as almost an older version of 'The Bone Collector'. But it seems more like a serial killer version of 'Moonstruck'. I can see why many people were disappointed in the film. They saw the movie from a totally different angle. The serial killer (the January man) is almost ancillary to the actual plot of the movie. It is a Kevin Kline driven vehicle with a old and new love interest(Sarandon & Mastrantonio). It has the re-reinstatement of a hero cop who takes a fall from grace for his brother (Harvey Keitel)and is banished from the police department and is relegated to fighting fires rather than criminals. It has the cro-magnon police captain (Aiello) and the even older Mayor(Steiger). All these pieces of the puzzle come together to provide decent little film which I think is clearly misunderstood.

Reviewed by ( 10 / 10

People are taking this movie to seriously

This is a great movie! Unfortunately, some people refuse to see past the one-line video box description. Ostensibly about a serial killer, it is more of a quirky character study, except it is actually a multi-character study, with these characters being brought to life by the likes of Kevin Kline, Susan Sarandon, Harvey Keitel, and Rod Steiger, just to name a few (a very few). I whole-heartedly recommend this movie to people who's tastes haven't been worn down to the level of some viewers who need everything wrapped up with a bow and handed to them like a christmas present. You will enjoy yourself greatly.

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