The Keeping Room


Action / Drama / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 68%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Brianna Pino 8 / 10

Watch It

I like this movie and i'm surprised some feel differently towards it. It was cool to see the war coming from a woman's perspective and show the horrors of the woman trying to defend their home and themselves.

It showed how at the end of the Civil War that it was violent and it also showed women didn't have much respect. We noticed that it showed not only the woman's perspective but the man's as well.

Many could say they view this movie differently but I viewed it as showing how strong women were in this time period and to show the destruction the Civil War caused.

I personally recommend this movie for learning purposes as well as to get an insight on the different perspectives of the Civil War.

Reviewed by Hossein Parsian 8 / 10

Survival of the fittest

I am surprised to see that some people do not like this movie. May be they did not get the message this movie is sending. First , this movie wants to give you the sense of the violence and rampage that some stray Union soldiers conducted during the U.S. civil war which has seldom been reported in history. Second , it wants to show you the hardship and misery of those days' women who were left alone , to live and survive by themselves , when their husbands left for war. Third , it wants to convey this message to women , based on movie's currents of events , that , if they are united, resilient and determine, they then can overcome and survive the worst threats. Fourth , it tells women that they must learn everything they need to learn to defend themselves , that is , how to fight , how to shoot , how to plan against intruders and how to rely on themselves to survive. It tells them how to believe in themselves in that they can overcome dangerous situations during the coarse of their lives. I believe the director and scenario writer have done a superb job in conveying this message to its viewers.

Reviewed by Daffy Deck 10 / 10

the slow burner is the high earner!

For people that are interested in black/white history this is a gripping movie; The Keeping Room has a very real-feel. So many movies in trying to be a movie are just that; A MOVIE; and suspending disbelief becomes an effort. Thinking this is an action movie is like driving fast down the motorway; you get to your destination quickly; but miss the scenery. TKR is full of scenery; a feminine treat for men and women alike. Absorb it's slow momentum; the grinding tension of ignorance coupled with power. Ultimately it's a quote that captures the movie "we are all ni99ers now", denoting shifts of power and the casual onset of humility that comes with empathy and desperation.

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