The Knot


Action / Comedy / Romance

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Mena Suvari as Sarah
Talulah Riley as Alexandra
Noel Clarke as Peter
Matthew McNulty as Jeremy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by marcus_ferm 6 / 10

Not as bad and not as good as most reviews

I will not write about the movie, many others did it before. I only write this review to help others make a decision whether to watch or not. If you want a traditional Hollywood (predictable, sugar-sweet) movie in this genre, probably it's nothing for you. It is absolutely nothing stunning or smashing about this movie but it's much better than the 1-3 point reviews. Then again I agree with one reviewer that some review are false or absolutely ridiculous, this movie is NOT 10 or even 9, maybe if you never so a movie before and are exalted about the story and think it's a documentary like some people thought about "The X files" if not - then not! But still some funny moments with some good laughs. I rated 6 to get it little higher but actually it's a very strong 5, for me 5,5 :-) I recommend you to watch it, why? It's better than most Hollywood productions that are 100% more predictable. Thanks for reading!

Reviewed by Magnimus Stryker 1 / 10

Terrible Screenplay

Another reviewer suggested that the glowing reviews this movie has gotten here are fake, and just looking at them, I did think that they were very similarly worded. The other thing that might tip you off is that they give the movie a very high rating, while the overall rating of the film is only 3.4. I decided to check out the movie myself, and although it has its moments, they are too few and far between to rescue this shipwreck. This movie is about as bad as American Pie: The Wedding. I kept wondering throughout what planet the screenwriter is from, because humans on this planet do not talk or behave the way the characters in the movie do. The acting is fittingly wooden, as the actors were probably cringing internally at the awful, stilted dialogue they had to deliver. I want my hour and a half back.

Reviewed by gix3005 5 / 10


this was a good movie enjoyable and entertaining. even if it could use some adjustment to the screen play and the moment right before the wedding could be done more professionally but over all it was a good movie.and let me tell you , all wedding movies are cliche but at least this one wasn't all about s e x , nudity and getting f ucked up the night before the wedding on the bachelor party which ruins the wedding day like other "rom com s". this one had more sense, for me it was a fine funny and entertaining movie.if you liked American pie: the wedding then you gonna love this cause its way more better than that and have less crazy and more laughter. so give it a shot "if you don't enjoy it you definitely wont regret it".

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