The Last Exorcism Part II


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 27%
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Caleb Landry Jones as Caleb Sweetzer
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Muse Watson as Frank Merle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Apollo_Sun 8 / 10

Scare Flick with a Twist

Before I start I must say I love the first movie, great story and acting. Normally I dislike the amateur camera story telling, but the camera shots were well handled and was only distorted when the theme calls for it which fuse well with the dramatic ending.

I really don't believe this movie (the sequel) deserves all the negative reviews and here is why.

From a technical perspective, I thought the cinematography was superb, lots of beautiful artistic shots adding to the mood of the movie. The build up of hopelessness and dread, it lays solid foundation to the climatic ending. I was expecting something similar to the last movie but the change was quite refreshing.

In terms of acting, Ashley Bell did a terrific job as a terrorized girl with no one to trust and no where to turn.

Granted the story is simple on the surface and shot with many of the "jump from behind" scene to startle the viewer. It may seem like "god" has forsaken Nil as she was chased by the demon throughout the film and finally the ones who was suppose to help her tries to kill her as they realize they are no match for the demon's power (clearly no one is looking out for Nil). The ending is non-traditional where Evil wins over good, but is the "good" deserving? (Girls watching YouTube videos to makes fun of Nil, the Order whom tries to kill Nil when they are frightened by the demon's power, the care taker is perhaps the only one none deserving of his fate)

This type of ending is more frequent in Japanese horror where the dark force cannot be conquered by man and shows how small we are in nature. Perhaps the slight to our all controlling north American ego and an attack on "God" failing to step up as the mighty protector is the reason behind all the negative comments placed on this film.

In summary I give a 8/10 rating to this film and looking forward to a final installment in the completion of a trilogy.

Reviewed by bennett_123 6 / 10

You'll be missing out if you read the negative reviews

I'm really confused as to why this has received such bad user reviews, i'll admit the title of this film kinda contradicts itself but i honestly believe this was an attempt to redeem the crappiness of the first movie, and it succeeded! Afterall "Evil Dead" had a sequel because the first one was rubbish and thats one of the best movies out there.. This isn't your typical possession film where you watch your generic 19 year old girl speak in a monotone demonic voice and you don't really care what happens to her because you've seen it a hundred time before. The girl in this you will actually feel sorry for, she is being taunted by the demon though everything thats actually good in her life and it's a shame, coupled with the fact she is a really good actress makes it a decent film, it tries to inspire emotion through flashbacks which is a really nice touch too. It will also become clear why it's called "The Last Exorcism" too! These negative reviews obviously come from people who had the whole script written in their heads before they pressed play, and it's a shame that their disappointment may affect others that just want to watch a movie and be surprised! Anyway it's 80 minutes and it's a pretty decent film, give it a shot if you have the time

Reviewed by Jeff Lee 2 / 10

Love Means Never Having to Say You're Possessed

New Pope Francis 1 should ban exorcism films as they insult the intelligence of viewers.

This film is so boring and derivative. What's the big deal about Nell floating above her bed.

She hears the usual weird noises and sees funny things, typical in all exorcism films.

This film plods along at a leisurely pace until the exorcism, which is so weird that you have to see it to believe it.

WHO brings a heart monitor, a chicken and salt to an exorcism???? Ha ha.

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