The Last Legion


Action / Adventure / Fantasy / History / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 16%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
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Thomas Brodie-Sangster as Romulus Augustus
Rupert Friend as Demetrius
Colin Firth as Aurelius
Ben Kingsley as Ambrosinus / Merlin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NeverWalkAlone 8 / 10

A good one for the family

As others have said, I don't know why people are giving it bad reviews... The movie was good, entertaining and very family orientated( No Gore/blood - no nudity ). Granted, its no Troy, 300 or King Arthur, so if your looking for some epic battle with plenty of digital effects then this isn't for you. Having said that there were plenty of fight scenes just no massacre. Its not a movie you will buy but for a one off rental its good enough to entertain the family for the night, so grab a popcorn, sit down, put ya feet up and relax while you watch another tale unfold!

The kids will love it!

Reviewed by aereaus 9 / 10

Historical accuracy is not the point

After reading through the comments, I was floored at how many people totally missed the point of the film. This is a tale of legend, and it tells it quite well.

For those who commented on the historical inaccuracies of costumes, armor etc., they are completely wrong, the costumes are accurate to the late period, (ask a recreator, we know). And yes, the long sword was in use by the Roman Army for a very long time. Late Imperial cavalry-length Roman blades were around 26 to 27 inches in length as opposed to the standard legionary 22 inch Gladius.

Anyway, as I said in the beginning this is a film about a legend. Do you think "Gladiator" was a true story? Yet it swept the Oscars. It is what it is, and after two viewings, I still have found no fault in the story, the acting or the direction. Historical fact and cinematic storytelling are to a certain degree mutually exclusive. No matter how hard you try to stick to facts when creating historical fiction in any medium, be it books or film, you will inevitably come across the necessity of a compromise between what can be established as "fact" (and even there period sources of the time are questionable) and what suits the story. In other words, you can be accurate to a fault, so to say, and have a story that reads - or visualizes - like a lead balloon, or you can alter the so-called "facts" to suit your purpose and create much more - and far more visually compelling - drama.

I guess some people just need to find fault to make themselves feel superior.

(Possible Spoilers) As for the story line... The concept of a Roman link to the Arthurian legends is not a new one. Mary Stewart's "The Crystal Cave" was the first book that introduced me to the concept, and since I'm a Western Civilization teacher, I'm fascinated by the histories and legends that have risen from what is known as the "Dark Ages" of Europe.

All and all, "The Last Legion" is a great film. I recommend it to any SCAdian, recreator, Pagan, Wiccan or Dark Ages history freak.

P.S. It was certainly better than "King Arthur" starring Clive Owen.

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 6 / 10

No, Not Much Credibility But At Least It Was Entertaining

Reading the back cover of the DVD and seeing that Colin Firth and Ben Kingsley are given top billing, I expected an intelligent King Arthur story. Well, it really wasn't either, although I did find it entertaining. I must not have read the description carefully enough. No matter; overall, it was fun but just a little too silly. I'm beginning to wonder about the discernment of some of these actors, how they can play such intelligent roles for a film or two and then revert to something like this.

Anyway, the story is really a Roman empire one, not a King Arthur story. We only see the tie-in to the later in the last few minutes of the film, in the epilogue. This action story is all about the last Caesar, a small boy, and the last legion that fought as Rome had now been taken over by the Goths. The Roman Empire had come to an end.

Mixed in with that tale was the famous "excalibur" sword. We see the origins of that and how it eventually got into the hands of King Arthur. But, once again, that is only explained in the final minutes. However, the sword is used by the good Roman general who protects the last Caesar from the Goths, who want him imprisoned for life, or killed.

What made the story interesting, at least for me, was the chase-scene type atmosphere of a small band of heroes protecting a little boy, fleeing the bloodthirsty Goths until they could mount some sort of counter-attack in the north in Brittania. That, and the pretty computer-generated scenery and action stunts, kept it interesting. However, don't look for credibility in those action scenes and expect the typical political-correctness of today (i.e. where a woman beats up hundreds of men and the good guys of all colors prevail despite ridiculous odds).

Some parts of this will leave you shaking your head in disbelief. You will feel you're watching a kids' film at times. However, if you want an hour-and-a-half of decent escapist fare, and can put your brain on hold for that time, it fits the bill and will at least entertain you.

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