The Last Man on Earth


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance / Sci-Fi

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Alexandra Daddario as Victoria
Kristen Wiig as Pamela Brinton
January Jones as Melissa Shart
Will Ferrell as Gordon

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Reviewed by abondgirl 2 / 10

Hate is not a strong enough word.

I have never written a show review before, but I was shocked by how much I actively disliked this show. Maureen's critic review on Huntington Post is absolutely perfect, in my opinion.

For a comedy, to me, the main characters were extremely unlikable and unfunny. Phil is a lazy, self pitying, boring jerk. I loved other reviewers references to him as a "Charles Manson" wannabe. Maureen also referred to him as "BEARDO" which made me laugh. It's too bad there were so few laughs in watching Last Man on Earth. The humor was sophomoric, scatological and sometimes mean. If you like watching a grown man throwing balls all over the place, crashing cars, trashing a house and using the swimming pool as a bathroom, then maybe this show will appeal to you. I thought the show would improve with the introduction of the other character, but it didn't. It got worse.

I would not watch this show again if it were the Last SHOW on Earth.

Reviewed by z z 1 / 10

What a let down!

I for one was very excited to watch this show. The concept of being the last person on earth, has been a dream for many of us. Unfortunately, the concept isn't executed well in this production. The main character isn't strong enough to stand on his own, as his antics get old in the first 15 minutes. So the producers added another character. Again, unfortunately, the additional character makes it so much worse. I was hoping the main character would've thrown her out of the car, the instant complained about stop signs. That or he could have taken her to a cliff top and shoved her off... however they kill he off, doesn't matter, only that it happens sooner rather than later.

Reviewed by Michael Shaffer 1 / 10

Fifteen minutes I won't get back

The fact that anyone would rate this better than one star has me seriously fearful for the survival of this race. There was absolutely nothing new or funny about this show. Unless their attempt at comedy was to bring out every single cliché, every tired trope that had ever been done about the genre, then I don't see the point of even making this.

The lead was someone who you just don't care about. Who actually makes you a bit angry because if this was the last man on earth, what does that say about humanity. He was nothing but a bag of everything that makes people go "eh". When he gets to the point to be considering suicide, you actually get excited, hoping they were going to introduce the real character who is supposed to be the last man on earth. Someone you could care about. He is the guy you invited to your parties just to increase the count.

I watched until the second commercial break. Here are some of the things you are supposed to think are funny/deep.

He travels around the country searching. Stops in the middle of Utah, the last state on his checklist somehow. In the middle I mean hundreds of miles from anywhere. And a shot of the mobile home he's in as he "screams in frustration and despair".

He goes back home to Tuscon (see it's a joke! No one lives there voluntarily even today!) and goes back to his apartment. Then, and only then, does he realize he can have any house he wants.

He watches Castaway and ridicules the Tom Hanks character for talking to a ball. Shortly afterward he had twenty balls named that he had conversations with. (See? Humor!)

He goes to a local _dive_ bar regularly, "just to get out of the house". I think there was a Cheers reference in there but not sure. (See? Humor!)

He has to work up the courage to speak to a girl mannequin. I turned away for the kiss. He goes to shake her hand and is devastated when the arm comes off.

He asks God to tell the last owner of the house he took he will take good care of it. A few months later it is completely trashed and he's using the pool as a toilet. (See? Humor!)

His birthday comes and he hasn't found anyone so that along with his failed romance of the mannequin convinces him to suicide.

His choice of suicide was to slam his truck into a rock he had painted red circles on to make it a target (See? Humor!)

He speeds through the sand of the desert, getting up to a speed that was sure to cause injury, maybe even a broken nose (They included a shot of the steering wheel that was obviously shot long after everything else showing the airbag removed). Then at the very last second, or two, he looks to his side for absolutely no reason and sees smoke going up into the air! He slams on his breaks and his vehicle slides three feet to a stop. Saved! Damn!

He goes to where the fire is. It is a _tiny_ campfire, throwing no smoke, heating a coffee pot. On a line is a blouse, a bra, and I think a pair of pants. He grabs the bra and starts rubbing it on his face and sniffing it. (See? Humor!)

A blurry figure comes up behind him and clears throat. He passes out. (See? Humor!)

He wakes up and he's laying in the lap of a pretty lady. "I can't believe you found me!" she says without a trace of irony considering she had just said she had been following his signs. (See? Um... Pathetic?)

She says his voice is like music to her ears. He asks if he can sing to her. She almost swoons as she says yes! (Oh hell no! *click* I am not into horror.)

Those are the ones I remember off the top of my head. That was fifteen minutes into it.

Is M. Night Shyamalan secretly writing and directing this???


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