The Last Reef 3D


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thomas ([email protected]) 6 / 10

Decent documentary about an important, yet not so appealing subject

"The Last Reef 3D" is a 40-minute documentary from 2012, so this one will have its 5th anniversary next year. The writers and directors are Oscar nominees Luke Cresswell and Steve McNicholas and while they reached their biggest success very early in their career, this one here is one of their most known works probably from a whole lot of nature documentaries they worked on together and the focus here is, as the title already tells us, on reefs. Honestly, reefs are crucial from an environmental perspective as they are the basis of life for so many animals, but I myself struggled a bit with this documentary as underwater fauna has never been a subject that interested me too much. That's why my 6 out of 10 rating is pretty subjective and people who find the subject more appealing may very well give it a higher rating and I would not be surprised. It is definitely a documentary film that is well-executed, offers occasionally interesting snippets of information and is also impressive visually of course. I give this one a thumbs-up and recommend checking it out, especially to nature documentary fans.

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