The Lazarus Effect


Action / Horror / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Finfrosk86 7 / 10

This is not a 5! It's better

Like I said in my Wild Card review, sometimes I don't get why movies get such low ratings on here. I have seen plenty of movies that deserves a 5 or lower, this is not one of them.

This movie is short and sweet. It is entertaining, never boring, cool stuff happens, actors are good. I got certain Hollow Man vibes.. A team is working on some amazing stuff, and the environments (labs and such) are just nice and cozy.

I don't think The Lazarus Effect was meant to be a big, thought provoking masterpiece, it was meant as a short and entertaining horror flick. And it is exactly that. It's got a couple of actors we've seen before, (including the very cute Olivia Wilde) which always helps in this kind of horror quick fix.

So, to sum up, don't expect very big things, expect a couple of jump scares, a nicely paced plot, decent effects.. It's just easily seen. (translated directly from Norwegian: 'lettsett')

Reviewed by Drive-in_Zeppelin 4 / 10

Schlocky Horror films are the best kind of Horror films.

First of all, you'll probably get more entertainment out of these user reviews than you will by seeing the actual movie. To clarify...aren't all possession movies inherently pro-Christian since the inclusion of demons and hell implies that there is are angels and heaven (since Lucifer was cast out of heaven and became the devil)?

As someone that has seen lot of REALLY bad horror films, I can safely say that The Lazarus Effect isn't all that bad. It's got a pretty decent cast in Mark Duplass and Olivia Wilde, but it's a cheap horror film. You get the predictable jump-scares, you get the dialed in dialogue, what else did you expect?

You don't go to see horror films because they're particularly well written or original. This movie is literally just a hodgepodge of movies like: Carrie, Lucy (the whole 10% of your brain thing), The Phoenix Project, Pet Semetary, Flatliners, etc.

I actually somewhat enjoyed this, but you realistically need to set your expectations 6 feet under. Maybe this film will find a way to resurrect some of your faith in the horror genre that way. It sure as hell isn't going to resurrect the $10 bucks you spent on the ticket at the theater.

Additionally, what ever happened to the novelty of watching a film before reviewing it?

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Reviewed by M Thascalos 4 / 10

Never quite makes up its mind what story to tell

Any five to ten minute excerpt from this movie could easily lead a viewer to conclude that this is a well made horror or suspense thriller. The production values are high, the performances good, and so on.

The problem is that the parts of the film don't fit together. The sequence of action has the usual slow build and accelerating pace of any good thriller, but while the set-up is promising, and the events proceed logically enough as interesting and sympathetic characters are frightened, threatened or killed off, the reasons underlying the events remain obscure.

Hints and suggestive exposition are introduced, and then forgotten. There are explicit references to religious-themed horror fantasy, speculative science, and even a few elements of a possible conspiracy. An elaborate backstory is gradually revealed, and then abruptly dismissed. The conclusion doesn't really conclude anything: there's a decisive ending, but no resolution, no revelation, not even a clear idea of the probable consequences.

It's possible a re-edit could address these issues and make it a decent film. As it stands, though, it just doesn't work.

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