The Legend of Sarila


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by huguespt 10 / 10

A great movie for family of all ages

I don't understand why this animated movie. I am a 52 year old man in Australia from English background and I would hope the indigenous people of whom this movie is about is fantastic. I believe they may be the "Inuit" I sorry I don't know however it is an entertaining movie with great lessons for everyone from 5 up along with what I thought to be a great and entertaining story. It had a villain, a hero, heroin and a love triangle, comedy, love, tragedy and family ties not just immediate family but their wider community. I would hope the people whom this movie is made after are happy with the result, remembering that stories told by people, handed down over many generations may conflict. I still believe that they would be proud of this story/legend brings together a very wonderful experience. It is definitely a movie that parents will be happy to sit and watch with their children, be as entertained as their children and indeed learn some lesson for the younger, maybe be reminded of somethings for the older watchers. I would hope, and I have not found it, but a second movie with more of the indigenous stories/legends that tie in with the main character. I wish more movies were made about all indigenous peoples movies were made, given more air time and that is as I am sorry to say, many of them will never be the same. I have been told that there is no full blood Maori person in New Zealand left, that is sad I think and more reason why we all need to inspire and encourage movies like this, European history is not the only history and we have our legends like "Robin Hood", "King Arthur" UK and so many more which we all know and love, I add this to a favorite and will do more to know these stories/legends and peoples. The animation is good, it is not a Billion $$ budget however even the opening I thought I was watching 3D as it took me over the landscape, so pretty good indeed.

Reviewed by samjacks-84272 3 / 10

Disney And IHE Were Right.

Spoilers Are Likely (Not Like You Frankly Give A DAMN!)

Mother Of God And The Virgin Mary.

Welcome Back (God Please No). Today, I'll Be Reviewing The Legend Of Sarila (Infamously Known By It's Pirate Name Frozen Land, But More On That In A Moment), An Animated Film Hailing From Canada.

In This Film, Which Takes Place In Alaska, An Inuit Shaman (Played By Christopher Plummer) Angers Their Goddess Sedna Who Withdraws All The Animals From The Land In Retaliation. This Puts The Shaman's Village In Trouble, As They Can No Longer Hunt. Our Hero, Along With His Love Interest And The Chief's Son, Set Out To Find Sarila, A Shangri-La Type Land Where Animals Are Said To Be Plenty, In Order To Save The Village From Starvation. Along The Way, The Shaman Takes Control Of Numerous Disasters In Order To Stop The Trio.

Look, This Film Has Redeeming Qualities: The Presentation Is Better Then Most Of The Animated Atrocities I've Reviewed And Then There's The Always Welcome Presence Of Christopher Plummer. However, This Film Is More Boring THEN EVEN BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. It Is Slow-Paced All The Way Through, And Then There's The Constant Shifts From The Heroes' Journey Across The Barren Landscape To The Shaman's Antics In The Village, Which Hardly Takes Inspection From A Small Child To Find Out It's Happening In A Goddamn Pattern. Plus, At First Glance The Movie Looks Original, Right? WRONG. It's Very Derivative Of The Pre-2006 Dreamworks Arsenal, Particularly Sinbad And The Road To El Dorado, With Random Elements Of The Brother Bear And Ice Age Films Thrown In There As Well. There Was Also The Time Where Disney Put Them In Court For Plagiarizing The Logo Of Frozen In An Attempt To Perform Well On DVD After The Film Failed In Theatres In Spite Of Being Released HALF A MONTH Before Frozen Shattered Box Office Revenues.

Anyone Agree? I Know IHE Does.

Reviewed by Andreas K. 7 / 10

Charming Animation from Inuit Culture

I think a 5.3 rating here is completely undeserving. It's a wonderful re-imaging of Inuit traditions, myths and legends.

The animation is solid and it's true to its source material. The evil spirits could be a little too scary for under 6s, but this story aims for the 8 - 12 age anyhow, and for that age group it's a wonderful adventure tale with a rich respect for cultures.

A nice Sunday afternoon film for the family, so give it a go if it's on TV or rent it. Sure it's not a must own film, but its charming enough and definitely better than many of the animated sequels pumping in hundreds of million into studio pockets.

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