The Legend of Tarzan


Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance


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Margot Robbie as Jane Clayton
Christoph Waltz as Leon Rom
Alexander Skarsgård as John Clayton / Tarzan
Samuel L. Jackson as George Washington Williams
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stanleyprunty 3 / 10

Waste of time and money

This movie started off quite well, for a movie I had quite mediocre expectations it caught my interest when it introduces some interesting characters with mixed motives, unfortunately that and a few good cinematic shots is where the praise ends for this movie.

This movie had potential which only makes it even more disappointing,we're first introduced to Tarzan as a British politician and is then forced to rediscover his wildness but lacks any real character and only comes across one dimensional with the traits of an angsty teen who's marriage we're supposed to care about but I'm not sure why

This movie tries to incorporate way to many elements, the overall plot about the enslaving the Congo and getting rich from a mythical city full of jewels that we're not even allowed to see at any point combined with fueds with passed foes that don't really come to any settlement a tribe leader that had his son killed by Tarzan that wants revenge, gorilla brother that wants him dead, trying for a baby and flashbacks of a potentially better film we could have had, they rush through these very quickly without really developing or keeping your interest

Some really awful scenes, Samuel Jackson who I'm not sure needed to be in this movie jumps off cliffs only to land unscathed on a branch, combined with a very predictably unsatisfying ending that couldn't of come fast enough and causally wrapped up with all the bad guys defeated, they may as well have froze in the air jumping to the backdrop of a sunset, with the joy of sweet release as the credits rolled to only leave me with a face like a bulldog eating a wasp and annoyed and frustrated that I have wasted time and money sitting through another failed sequel that is sure to fade into obscurity

Overall this movie lacks any fun or adventure, poorly directed as this movie lacks any identify, wouldn't recommend this film to anyone other than my worst enemy, all round disappointment

Reviewed by somf 8 / 10

Flawed but never boring

I am really surprised at the mediocre reviews so far of this film. Honestly when I first heard about the film I had little interest in seeing it, but the trailer was better than I expected, and when has Christoph Waltz been anything short of terrific in every role he has played, but particularly when he is a bad guy. (Come to think of it has he ever been a good guy?) The whole cast is solid, and I really liked the historical setting concerning the Belgian King Leopold and his exploitation of the Congo.

I found all the animals and the CGI to be surprisingly cheesy. Undoubtedly the weakest link in the film, but that factor did not subtract much from a constantly entertaining and solid story. Besides the cheesy CGI the rest of the film looked terrific. I would recommend to see it on the big screen. It will probably lose a lot on smaller screens. Good summer popcorn film.

Reviewed by James Smith 1 / 10

It will have you screaming from the trees

How, in this modern day, with such high standards of education and courses on script writing and film making, can a big budget film like this one be so bad? It was only because we watched in it Gold Class, in comfortable seats and with food service, that we didn't walk out.

After about fifteen minutes my partner leaned over to me and asked when anything was going to happen (in the movie that is). I couldn't help her.

In fact my seat was so comfortable, and the movie so bad, that I fell asleep three times.

When my partner told me she thought this was the worst movie ever, and that she was confused, I couldn't help her again - I'd been asleep.

I did however witness the butterfly land on Jane's shoulder, then fly off. What a beautiful CGI scene. Totally irrelevant to the plot or story, and I'm still not sure why it was included.

Then there was the scene when giant ostriches nearly trample Tarzan and his mate. At last, I thought, something is going to happen. Tarzan's mate asks Tarzan what did the Ostrich say. Tarzan replies something like - "The Ostrich is telling you it can trample you." And then, the Ostriches run off. That's the last we see of them. Confused? I was.

The writers and director don't know whether Tarzan is Spider Man, Batman or some other action hero - but he certainly isn't Tarzan.

The poor old apes get a very bad rap here. They are huge, aggressive monsters with razor sharp teeth.

This movie is a showcase of when bad script writing, bad directing and masses of CGI meet.

I can only recommend this film to people watching it on late night TV, when they need to be put to sleep.

What would Tarzan say about this movie: AwwwwwwOaaaaaaaaWhaaaaaa

On a side note, it is interesting to see that people that rate this movie high, usually have only one review in their list - this one. This usually means that they have some connection to the film.

(Edit 2 days later) I rest my case. After posting this review, 6 positive reviews have been posted after mine, all saying this is the greatest movie ever, and 4 of the reviewers have only 1 review to their name - this movie, and the other two reviewers have 2 reviews to their name. With a ratio of 6 biased reviews to 1 honest review, no wonder it is getting so hard to trust the IMDb rating system anymore.

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