The Longest Ride


Action / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 30%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 75%
IMDb Rating 7.1 10 61385


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Melissa Benoist as Marcia
Britt Robertson as Sophia Danko
Scott Eastwood as Luke Collins
Jack Huston as Young Ira
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by darrell_romine 10 / 10

Two Excellent stories in One

This is an extraordinary film that is almost two features in one. My wife and I (oldsters, but still in glorious married Love) saw it as a date film and enjoyed it immensely.

It is two stories of enduring Love- one in modern day, the other in the past (1940s to present), which intertwine through the chance meeting of Ira Levinsen (Alan Alda) who is in a car crash, with Luke and Sophie who are on a first date. Their subsequent friendship changes all their lives. Sophie saves a box of love letters from the crash, the reading aloud of which provide the narrative (a common Nicholas Sparks theme) for interweaving the two very different worlds together.

The acting was superb, Scott's portrayal of Luke was spot on for rodeo cowboys - a stoic bunch. Britt Robertson's charming young "Sophie" was sweet, but tough. Alan Alda was priceless, as usual, but the two who really stand out are; Oona Chaplin as young Ruth Levinsen, and Jack Huston as young Ira. The period is amazingly presented and their acting just makes it sumptuous.

Two complaints that some reviewers find wrong with these types of film are - not enough realism (read overt sex and Violence) and happy endings. This movie is guilty of both. We left the Theater feeling emotionally spent and happy. As Christian Slater said in Bed of Roses: " There's no such thing as too much perfection"

Reviewed by ouskullz 7 / 10

'The Notebook' meets '8 Seconds'

Enjoyable tearjerker flick paralleling modern love story between bull rider and college student with that of an older gentleman who is on his deathbed. I personally thought that the story of the older couple was more developed and less cliché. The plot is overall enjoyable. The cinematography of North Carolina mountains is beautiful. My favorite scene was the last bull riding scene which is in slow motion and uses punchy bass (only real use of LFE effects in the movie).

On a personal note, I was saddened to read that Rango the Bull passed away after shooting the movie but before the film was released. Apparently he was a real life superstar in the rodeo circuit.

Reviewed by prospectus_capricornium 6 / 10

Would Have Been More Satisfying Had Both Stories Received Equal Attention

Nicholas Sparks' movies are almost always seemingly made to please the hopeless romantics and the fairytale romance-loving audience, they're expected to manipulate emotions, no matter how extremely recognizable their set ups may be, and they often triumph. But in THE LONGEST RIDE, the attempt barely mimics such success, primarily because of its confusing and ever shifting narrative, whose backbone runs on two romantic sagas spanning across different generations.

THE LONGEST RIDE sprawls across two love stories set in the modern day and seventy years ago. In modern day, it has Luke and Sophia, two utterly good-looking people, who at first sight falls in love with each other, they stumbles upon Ira, a World War II veteran, who himself, has his own epic love story to tell—that one he shared with his wife, Ruth, seventy years ago. More often, these two love stories bear no difference from each other, as both couples go through similar hardships to carry their relationships.

The idea of crisscrossing time to present two supposedly compelling love stories, perhaps, is to double the magnitude of emotions and deliver a more poignant result, yet such very confusing structure is what actually makes giving both the stories with equal level of sentiment, difficult. Still, no matter how one appears to hold more promise of an engaging love story than the other, the tedious and confusing process of going back and forth across two different time frames, and the fact that the narrative failed to establish concrete connection between the two stories, renders less than satisfying result. There's also this chemistry that Luke and Sophia seem to be lacking, regardless of how incredibly beautiful they are as persons, and that, may also be the reason why the other story, strikes as more riveting than theirs. This makes the entirety of the movie—its interesting premise and structure yet often convoluted, and its thinly drawn characters—hard to appreciate and care about. Nevertheless, in the eyes of a true Sparks' fan, and of anyone easily drawn to such anthems, THE LONGEST RIDE easily serves its purpose.

Spanning through generations and intertwining love affairs, THE LONGESTh RIDE would have been more satisfying had it treated both the stories with equal attention. That's not to say it has no small moments of perfection, because it does, but as a whole, the movie just falls below average.

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