The Lost Boys


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 72%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86%
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Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog
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Corey Haim as Sam
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by theb_ronster 10 / 10

Schumacher mocks the shoes off vampires!

Without a doubt, among the most brilliant of vampire movies ever made, in the modern film era. Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland are destined to blow away all audiences of this visual masterpiece. However, the twist at the end, which I plan not to give away, was made slightly obvious, though well hidden at the same time. Joel Schumacher does a splendid job directing this true work of art. The frog brothers did a great job of adding humor to this otherwise, mainly serious film, without spoiling the suspense. That made the film far more enjoyable to people with interests in multiple genres. Jami Gertz looks absolutely attractive in her role as Star. However, the show is undoubtedly stolen by Kiefer Sutherland, in the role of David, the rebellious, dangerous, rude and rambunctious, teenaged vampire, who seduces Michael (Jason Patric) into joining his gang of vampires. The story is of a woman (Dianne Wiest), and her two sons, Sam (Corey Haim) and Michael (Patric), who move to a small Californian town, called Santa Carla, often referred to as the murder capital of the world, to live with her father after getting divorced. Little to their knowledge, the town happens to be inhabited by a motorcycle gang of Jim Morrison obsessed, teenage vampires. While the mother begins to fall in love with her boss from the video store, where she has been employed, Sam spends his time reading vampire comics, which were given to him by two brothers (Corey Feldman, Jamison Newlander), who claim the town is infested by vampires. He does not believe them, but grows to almost immediately, upon realizing that his brother, Michael, has been seduced by the beautiful half-vampiress, Star (Gertz), and joins the gang, led by David (Sutherland). He realizes that neither Star nor Michael are true vampire until they make their first kill, and they will not become normal again until the head vampire is killed. So, he calls up the brothers Frog, and gets them to come in and help him solve the job, though he is scared that he might have to kill his brother. Overall, a cinematic masterpiece. The directing, acting, writing, camera work, special effects, stunts and, of course, the epic cinematography work with the astounding score to bring together one of the most loved films of all time. The story is in fact an allegory to that of the lost boys of Neverland, from Peter Pan. A contemporary, without the temporary, classic.

Reviewed by Aaron1375 9 / 10

What THESE guys would have done to Captain Hook!

This movie to me is more of a comedy than a horror. The scenes I remember most are the funny ones. Not to say it is a pure comedy, it isn't. It is though a very good vampire tale. The cast is superb, even Corey Haim and Feldman. This is definitely the best movie they did together. This one has a family of three (a mother and two sons) moving into her dad's home. They go around town and the younger one hears from some comic book workers that there are vampires in town. The older son is in fact being recruited by said vampires and is already becoming one after drinking a strange liquid. All in all I love this film and it is one of my favorite vampire flicks. Good mixture of action, horror, and especially for me...comedy. This movie is so very well made that you will find it hard to believe that the director of this would go on to make the pretty bad "Batman and Robin". This movie though is good, and has one of the best ending lines of any movie.

Reviewed by Nick Wagner (MovieManiacX) 10 / 10

A Excellent, Stylish 80's Flick

The Lost Boys is one of the movies that I think epitomizes the 1980's. It has a genuine 80's look and feel, as well as an awesome soundtrack and some fantastic performances by 80's legends like Corey Feldman.

This movie really draws you into it and makes you feel like you're right there in Santa Carla. The music fits the film perfectly. Nothing would have worked better. The setting is perfect. If you were a vampire and you were never going to die, where else would you want to spend your time? The amusement park, the abandoned cave with all that great stuff in it, and the railroad tracks (trust me, you'll understand after you see it) are absolutely incredible. The way Joel Schumacher uses certain POV shots and the eerie fog only add to the mood and atmosphere of the movie.

The gore and special effects are great! Since this is an 80's movie, there is no CGI thankfully, so everything you see is really real. The make-up of the vampires is excellent with their piercing eyes and long fangs. The gore doesn't really show itself until the end, though there is a very bloody (but quick) campfire attack in the middle. Once we do get to the blood and guts, it's great! There's a melting vampire in holy water, an exploding vampire, two excellent impalings, and more where that came from.

Finally, the acting is great. We have a very good cast, especially Kiefer Sutherland, who puts everyone else to shame. Jason Patric is a little dry, but he's great in his role. Max and Lucy have good chemistry, as well as Star and Michael. The Frog Brothers are classic and are responsible for most of the humor. Superb performances by all!

The Bottom Line:

A true 80's flick, with great performances, awesome special effects, a rocking soundtrack, and Corey Feldman!!!

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