The Lost World: Jurassic Park


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jaredpahl 8 / 10

Supremely Thrilling, Suspenseful, and Visually Breathtaking, The Lost World is a Summer Blockbuster Sequel Done Right

The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the sequel to Steven Spielberg's iconic blockbuster is one of the most underrated movies of the past twenty years. Four years after Jurassic Park captivated audiences around the world, Steven Spielberg returned to the director's chair to craft a sequel equally as thrilling as the original.

Ian Malcolm, the neurotic chaotician from the first film is the hero of the Lost World, replacing Sam Neil's Alan Grant. Jeff Goldblum does a wonderful job with a bigger role, playing the same brilliant mathematician as the first movie as well as adding action chops to his resume. Accompanying him is a cast of interesting and diverse characters ranging from Malcolm's girlfriend, a wildlife biologist played by Julianne Moore, Roland Tembo, a great white hunter played brilliantly by Pete Postlethwaite, and even an animal activist played by Vince Vaughn. The supporting characters all work well. Malcolm's daughter, the ruthless InGen CEO, and the rest all play their parts seriously. Contrary to some popular views on this film, there are no annoying, unlikable or superfluous characters in the film at all.

The story connecting these characters centers on an island called Isla Sorna or Site B. This island is the site where Jurassic Park's dinosaurs were bred and raised. After the events of Jurassic Park, the site was abandoned and dinosaurs roam free. Julianne Moore's character Sarah Harding and her team are sent to study the animals, While Tembo and his team come to the island in search of a trophy. Malcolm learns of this news and takes it upon himself to retrieve his girlfriend from the dinosaur-infested island. Unlike the two films that would follow it in the Jurassic franchise, The Lost World's story takes more than a few twists and turns on its way to the conclusion. The intersecting teams and alliances provides plenty of interesting subplots to go with the real stars of the show, the dinosaurs.

The dinosaurs themselves are brilliantly realized, thanks in large part to the impeccable mix of CGI and animatronics, but also because of how they are treated as characters. The dinosaurs of the Lost World truly feel like living animals rather than bloodthirsty monsters. The T-Rex parents, the main baddies of the film don't chase and eat people just because they are T-Rexes. When they attack, there is always a scientific explanation behind it. It is a credit to writer David Koepp that a film with so much dinosaur action set pieces can be plausible at all.

Steven Spielberg is an excellent action director and he is at the top of his game here. The set pieces, from a trailer dangling off a cliff while two T-Rexes defend their territory to a pack of adolescent raptors hunting in long grass, are tense, dramatic, and above all, thrilling. Spielberg knows how to tease an action scene and have it explode to life at just the right time. Stan Winston's animatronics and ILM's cg creations work wonderfully to bring the scenes to life as well.

While the story may not be as fresh as the original Jurassic Park, The Lost World matches the first movie in nearly every other way. The special effects, action, score, set design, cinematography, you name it, they all carry the same mark of quality as the original Jurassic Park. The Lost World: Jurassic Park does everything a big budget sequel should do. It's jammed packed with jaw-dropping special effects and pulse-pounding action, yet it stays smart enough and scary enough to feel fresh. It's summer entertainment at its finest and without question the best sequel to the ground-breaking original.


Reviewed by jann-6 9 / 10

I like it

I saw this in a theater in 1997 and I thought I liked it. I just saw it again on DVD last night, and I now I know I do. What I can't figure out is why so many people think it's so horrible. After seeing JP III a few weeks ago, I still think The Lost World is better. Of course the original is the best, but The Lost World is packed with suspense, witty dialogue (especially Goldblum's), and of course, the usual great looking dinosaurs. There are a few things I don't like, the gymnastics routine towards the end being at the top of the list. But other than that and a few silly lines, this movie is almost as thrilling as the first. Personally, I don't care if the plot of this one is weak. I've never even really given that any thought. The first 100 minutes or so are loaded with excitement, then the finale with the T-Rex in the city is, if you ask me, played mostly for laughs. Yes it's like Godzilla, and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms, but that's the point. It's like those movies but with 21st century (almost) special effects. And it's just plain fun to see this dinosaur stomping through the suburbs, drinking from a swimming pool and, wreaking havoc at gas station minimart. I think if you don't take the San Diego scenes too seriously, and look at it as Spielberg's way of paying homage to *and* poking fun at the Godzilla-type movies, you can appreciate this portion of the movie. Then to wrap it all up with Bernard Shaw from CNN, and an obvious open door to a sequel - what more could you ask for? Well, maybe a better plot as some people seem to be saying, but I think this is a great popcorn movie and it works for me.

Reviewed by indy42 7 / 10

Pretty Good- Not as Good as Jurassic Park, not as bad as JP3

Okay, the best Jurassic Park is obviously Jurassic Park. It was the most faithful to the fantastic Michael Critchton books, plus it was well done. As a sequel, The Lost World does just fine. Of course, I'm used to seeing horrible sequels all the time. Jeff Goldblum does a good job reprising his role as Ian Malcolm, and the newcomers of Julianne Moore and Vince Vaughn do well too. The story is a little unbelievable, though. After recently being replaced by his nephew as CEO of InGen, John Hammond(Richard Attenburough) reveals to Ian Malcolm(Goldblum) a site B: A place where dinosaurs run free. He sends him and his girlfriend, Sarah Harding(Moore), technology expert Eddie Carr(Richard Schiff) and photographer Nick Van Owen(Vaughn) to document the dinosaurs, while the official InGen team, led by Roland Tembo(Pete Postlethwaite), tries to capture the T. Rex and transport it to San Diego. As always, there is many bone-crunching deaths, the Special FX are excellent, but the story and plot fall a a bit short. Overall: 7/10

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