The Mad Magician


Action / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 62%
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Vincent Price as Don Gallico / Gallico the Great
Eva Gabor as Claire Ormond
Patrick O'Neal as Lt. Alan Bruce
Lyle Talbot as Program Hawker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lorenellroy 7 / 10

Melodrama and magic

This is essentially a variation on House Of Wax ,in both the plot and the type of role played by the star of both movies ,Vincent Price.In both pictures he plays a talented artist who is sent toppling over the edge into insanity when his creations are usurped by other,less talented and less scrupulous people .In this movie he plays a designer of illusions for stage magicians who aspires to set out on a performing career himself only to be frustrated when another illusionist ,the Great Rinaldo (John Emery)insists that he honour his contract and give him first choice of any illusions he designs.Price is already ill disposed towards Rinaldi as his former wife is now a paramour of Rinaldi. He deploys his talents as an illusionist and as a brilliant mimic to avenge himself upon Rinaldi and others who thwart his plans for recognition as a performer and a designer.

Price is pretty much the whole show here and gives a well judged star turn as a wronged man whose predicament earns audience sympathy.The rest of the cast are competent if colourless and the weight of the whole venture falls on Price who carries the burden with ease .

Good solid B Movie melodrama , this is a crime movie rather than a horror picture and is enjoyable providing you don't expect a masterpiece .Shot in black and white it is low on gore and is best seen as melodrama and enjoyed for the presence of its star giving an idiosyncratic performance

Reviewed by Hitchcoc 8 / 10

Typical Vincent Price

The wronged artist is the theme of so many revenge horror movies. Going back to "The Phantom of the Opera," the unjustly maimed or wronged bring vengeance to their adversaries. No one could look more pained when victimized than Vincent Price. He is the master of the hang dog expression. In this one, he is a magician and master of high tech disguises (for the time) who has sold his talents to another man, seemingly for the rest of his life. When he decides to freelance and do his own magic show, his contract is waved in his face. Not only that, but the man who owns him also stole his wife years before. So there is even more bitterness brewing. The plan becomes to get rid of all the people who wronged him, then, through the use of clever masks, keep the people alive by impersonating them. He even "becomes" one of the great magicians of the world, showing his incredible talent. This is a silly, unbelievable movie. But who cares. I don't think I'll get it mixed up with Schindler's List. The hardest thing to swallow was why these two successful men had anything to do with Eva Gabor and why the Vincent Price character could have cared less when she ran off. She has no redeeming qualities in the movie other than her beauty, and that is so flamboyant and self centered, who cares. Every time Vincent Price was in disguise, it was easy to see who it was. Nevertheless, I've always loved Vincent's mugging from his Roger Corman films to "The Last Man on Earth." I liked the way he said "Crematorium." Why, exactly, does it have an automatic pilot that sends the body into the flames if it is not activated within a certain period of time? There is also a subplot with a mystery writer and her husband who bumble their ways into the plot. If you like the campy world of Price, watch it on the late show.

Reviewed by Coventry 8 / 10

The Vigorous Vincent! The Phenomenal Price!

Basically the exact same movie as "House of Wax" - Vincent Price's first genuine horror hit released the previous year - but seriously who cares, because "The Mad Magician" offers just as many sheer thrills, delightful period set-pieces, joyous 3-D effects, sublime acting performances and macabre horror gimmicks as its predecessor! "Never change a winning team" is exactly what writer Crane Wilbur must have thought when he penned down Price's character Don Gallico, another tormented soul besieged by fate and out for vengeance against those who wronged him. Don Gallico is about to perform his very first own illusionist show as Gallico the Great and plans to exhibit the greatest magic trick in history; entitled "The Girl and the Buzz Saw". Gallico's promising solo career is abruptly ruined before it even begins when his previous employer Ross Ormond appears on stage and shoves a contract under his nose, stating that all of Gallico's inventions are the rightful property of the company. The sleazy and relentless Ormond, who by the way also ransacked Gallico's once beloved wife, takes off with the buzz saw trick and programs it in the show of Gallico's rival The Great Rinaldi. Inevitably Gallico snaps and sadistically butchers Ormond, but – also being a master of creating disguises – recreates his victim's image and even starts leading a double life. "The Mad Magician" is an amusing and thoroughly unpretentious 50's horror movie in Grand Guignol style, with a whole lot of improbably plot twists (the landlady turns out a brilliant crime novelist?) and a handful of fantastically grotesque gross-out moments (although they obviously remain suggestive for most part). The 3-D delights near the beginning of the film, like a yo-yo player and a goofy trick with water fountains, merely just serve as time-filler and contemporary 50's hype, but it's still fun to watch even now and without the means to properly behold them. "The Mad Magician" is also interesting from a periodical setting point of view, as the events take place around the time fingerprints were starting to get used as evidence material and the character of Alice Prentiss is an obvious reference towards famous crime authors of that era. Needless to state that Vincent Price remains the absolute most essential element of triumph in this film, as well as from nearly every other horror movie this legendary man ever starred in. Like no other actor could ever accomplish, Price depicts the tormented protagonist who gradually descends further and further into mental madness in such an indescribably mesmerizing way. You pity Don Gallico, yet at the same time you fear him enormously. You support his vile acts of retaliation and yet simultaneously you realize his murderous rampage must end in death. Vincent Price simply was a genius actor and, in my humble opinion, the embodiment of the horror genre.

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