The Meddler


Action / Comedy / Drama / Romance


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Rose Byrne as Lori
J.K. Simmons as Zipper
Lucy Punch as Emily
Susan Sarandon as Marnie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Nick Dees 7 / 10

I liked the story,

I like Susan and Rose in this movie. In addition all the supporting cast was great. The script was well written, and the scenes were shot very well in order to tell the story. The music was also very complimentary to the narration. I also enjoyed recognizing a few locations from my numerous trips to Los Angeles. The Malibu Pier, and the Mall at Glendale were my favorites. I guarantee you will laugh, and maybe even cry a little. This is a must see movie for mothers and daughters. It might even help you with your relationship if you listen and pay attention. I will recommend this to my fiends and especially to the ladies and some mothers.

Reviewed by Hellmant 8 / 10

Funny, and extremely sweet.

'THE MEDDLER': Four Stars (Out of Five)

Comedy-drama flick about a widow; that's desperate to try and help her depressed single daughter get her life back on track. She begins helping numerous other people, she meets, instead. The movie stars Susan Sarandon, Rose Byrne and J.K. Simmons. It was written and directed by Lorene Scafaria (who also helmed the amazing 'SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE END OF THE WORLD'). I really enjoyed this film!

Marnie (Sarandon) is an elder widow; who recently moved to Los Angeles to be with her daughter Lori (Byrne). Lori was recently dumped by her boyfriend, Jacob (Jason Ritter), and she's still upset about it. Marnie tries to help Lori, get over her ex, but Lori doesn't want her meddling. Marnie begins helping other people, she meets in the city, instead.

The movie is funny, and extremely sweet. Sarandon is fantastic in the lead, and I always love J.K. Simmons. The mother/daughter relationship is very touching, and the romance is moving as well; but it's all the random people Marnie meets, and helps, that is the most beautiful thing to watch about this movie. I really enjoyed it.

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Reviewed by aharmas 10 / 10

Sarandon Shines

Sarandon has been around for decades and given us so much pleasure over the years. She's been missing for a while, so to see her displaying her amazing range of talent is one of the joys of the year. Without the help of prosthetic, fancy outfits, gimmicks, or any far fetched, silly writing that now passes as comedy, we're given a comedy that builds upon the natural turn of events in most of society. Here's a woman who is transitioning into discovering and realizing what is like to start a new part of her life.

She plays a "recent" widow who has flown across the continent to distance herself from her previous life and seek the company of those she loves the most. Unfortunately for her, she can't complete the cycles, connect with her daughter, so she compensates by creating a new circle of friends, and it becomes apparent that she has much to give, money, love, time, and more. Yet, nothing will work out until she's able to close the previous chapter of her life.

Sarandon is excellent at using facial expressions to let us see what's coming and any reaction she has, without the need of much dialog. She asks simple questions, but they're loaded, letting us learn much about her and her new choice of friends. It's wonderful to see surprising reactions to new turn of events. When she visits her in-laws, we learn what she loves and fears the most. We understand the nature of her relationships, the love she was a part of, the immense holes she needs to fill.

Much like, Fields, in a recent and wonderful and quirky performance, she must learn to adapt, live with her new companions and give herself a chance so she can discover how wonderful she's and how much she really needs and deserves.

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