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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
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Larry Fessenden as Mike Connors
Noah Segan as Travis Levine
Lauren Ashley Carter as Rachel Meadows
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jacques Du Rand 3 / 10

Barely Watchable Ripp Off of David Cronenberg's Scanners

If this feature stood on it's own, it might have made a weak 4 on my list, but as a rip off of the 1981 classic it barely gets a 2. So let's settle then on 3.

Though the story line deviates from David Cronenberg's Scanners, this feature is a clear rip off from Scanners with very obvious parallels – even a classic reference to the forced veins on the face of Michael Slovak, the deranged scientist.

Someone clearly forgot to tell this movie maker though that if you are going to try and emulate the style of a legendary director like Cronenberg, one should probably at least try and come up with an original idea or study the thematic content of that particular director before putting out a half-bred attempt to cash in on a new generation that would not know the classic.

But with a very weak story line, a complete lack of thematic content, an over obvious choice to emulate Cronenberg's style and an insulting lack of innovation and originality, the best thing about this film is the B-grade special effects that is slightly nostalgic of early Rob Zombie films.

Reviewed by Sorin Thornblade Mares 3 / 10

A bad "Scanners" wannabe. Just bad.

First of all, it gets a 3 just because of the effort, the actors and camera work were pretty decent for some low budget movie, so I am recognizing their work.

The other missing 7 stars are just because of the awful script. it's so bad that you will be shouting at the TV in some scenes. For instance, the main good guy has the chance to kill the main bad guy in the first 20 minutes of the movie but refuses it, although before he killed some of his henchmen trying to escape from his prison institution. And all this just to kill the bad guy for real at the end of the movie (duh!).

Yep, the writing is that bad. 4th grade kid's homework bad.

Another thing that bugged me was the special effects, pretty cheap for this day and age, even low budget.

My recommendation is to spare yourself the losing of one and a half hours of your life and just watch (again) the much better "Scanners" made by the genius of David Cronenberg.

Reviewed by jr-05172 5 / 10

Good attempt at 80s body horror

From the start this is a film that wears its influences on its sleeve. It wants to Scanners and It wants to be an 80s film. Not a bad thing to strive for. The feel of the film achieves that as does the subject matter yet the details are what lets the film down from being what it set out to be.

the acting is good (even though a little over dramatic at times) the effects are good and so is the music - if there is one thing that holds the film back it is the writing.

For example when the lead goes on the run, he goes to hide from his pursuers at his father's house. They would never look for him there? It's points like these that hold the film back from really being something great.

Obviously this is a low budget film and the film makers did a good job on working with what they had. Maybe on their next film (since I see that the actor and director have worked together before) they can take a little more time and fix the script problems and really make a sci-fi / horror classic.

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