The Mine


Action / Adventure / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thekarmicnomad 4 / 10

OK...... er that's pretty much it

This film is massively mediocre. Now that is obviously not a compliment, but it doesn't have to be an insult either.

It has elements of recovered cam shots, but is not a found footage film. It has some elements of horror, but is not scary enough to disturb even the most highly strung small child. It has "coming of age" elements, but you don't really get to know the characters or invest in them enough to care. It's quite cheap, but not funny or "so bad it's good"

This reminded me of a cheaper version of a Dawson's Creek Halloween episode. Which is... OK.

Would I pay to go and see a Dawson Creek Halloween rip off? Hell No! But if it was on Netflix and I was desperately trying to avoid doing some work I might put it on. Actually I did, and it was... OK

Reviewed by Paul Magne Haakonsen 3 / 10

Ghost movie for the children...

"Abandoned Mine" is sort of a scary movie for children. Or at least I hope so, because if this was seriously meant as a horror movie, then it just failed utterly and completely. There was absolutely nothing scary about the movie, aside from the fact it was lacking scared and the level of boredom it managed to invoke.

The story in "Abandoned Mine" is about a group of young friends who go out to an allegedly haunted mine together to celebrate Halloween. They have a good time and goof around, until one of them starts telling the tale that took place one hundred years earlier. And as a storm starts to roll in, the youngsters seek shelter within the mine shaft, and as curiosity gets the better of them, they decide to venture deeper into the mine to have a look around and see if they can scare up some spirits and ghosts for Halloween.

For a family movie, then "Abandoned Mine" would be adequate, as there is no gore, no mutilation, no scary parts, no nothing, in it to upset the viewers. But if you sit here and watch it, hoping it to be a proper horror movie, like I did, you will be sorely disappointed.

As a movie taking place in a haunted mine, there never was any sense of dread, claustrophobia or panic to be felt throughout the movie. Whether it was because of a fairly weak storyline or because the actors failed to portray such emotions, well I am most likely to say because of the lack of a proper storyline.

The people hired for the roles in "Abandoned Mine" were doing good enough jobs with their given characters, although they just didn't have much to work with.

If you want to be properly entertained by one of the spelunking horror movies, your money would be better spent on either of the "The Descent" movies. "Abandoned Mine" failed on many levels.

Reviewed by cbfletch 6 / 10

Pretty good

I find it very hard to find scary movies that don't have bad reviews so if one has more than 1 star I will give it a try. This was a good change for being able to watch a scary movie without the sex, profanity and extremely fake gore that it seems we keep getting these days. This movie takes you to your fears. Everyone keeps saying it's no The Descent, no it's not. The Descent was excellent and it's hard to find horror movies like that these days, but it was good. Everyone has some type of fear of being trapped somewhere (especially underground) and they do a good job of taking you there. It does follow the classic "knowing whats going to happen next", but that's also the fun in it. You will find yourself many times saying "No....don't go in there". I think the actors did a good job, they kept me interested and that's what they're supposed to do.

If I had anything bad to say I didn't really like the ending very much. I feel with the story that unfolded the ending could have been better.

But overall, if you want a movie that's scary that's is OK for kids then this will please you.

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