The Money Pit


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 47%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 6.3 10 40170


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Tom Hanks as Walter Fielding, Jr.
Shelley Long as Anna Crowley Beissart Fielding
Michael Jeter as Arnie
Joe Mantegna as Art Shirk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lee Eisenberg ([email protected]) 8 / 10

Mr. Hanks builds his dream (make that "nightmare") house

I know, the critics ripped at "The Money Pit" when it got released. They apparently didn't realize that it wasn't pretending to be a masterpiece; it was a big excuse to be funny, and they succeed. Some of the gags her seem to forecast the equally funny "Mousehunt". Personally, I think that Tom Hanks needs to act in some more comedies, and Shelley Long needs to get more roles in movies. My favorite scene? Well, I get the giggles whenever I think of the whole chain reaction. Just the kinds of things about which anyone should worry when moving into a new house (although my family didn't have such experiences when we moved into our house).

All in all, it shows that Richard Benjamin is as great a director as he is an actor. My generation ought to give him the recognition that my parents' generation gave him. Also starring Alexander Godunov (one of the Amish guys in "Witness"), Maureen Stapleton, Joe Mantegna and Josh Mostel.

Reviewed by browall80 9 / 10

Good Memories

I loved this movie. Granted, I was a teen when I first saw it, but even so, I laughed often and that is my standard of judgment. Shelley Long is as good as she was in Cheers (which is gooood). Tom Hanks shows off the early "Bosom Buddies" hopes of physical comedy genius here in a way that he never did again. The bee-attack scene to the flight of the Bumblebee violin solo is fabulous. the whole "We're Sitting on a Dream" sequence with the stairs and doorbell and raccoon and the bathtub is hilarious but PEOPLE. Come on. The entire collapsing stairs bit is the best, capped off by Hanks sweet little blown kiss at the end ... slayed me. My brother and I still reference it whenever everything is more crap than bearable, and we always will. I think this is an overlooked gem and will always have it in my video catalogue. Finally, a quote: Paint. Don't tickle. Alexander Gudonow will be missed.

Reviewed by mcfly-31 5 / 10

'Money' well spent.....

This is the rarest of the rare: a one-joke comedy where the one-joke is able to sustain the whole film. It all begins when Hanks and Long buy a big, grand, dream house in the New York countryside. It is, of course, too good to be true, after the sob-story old lady has sold it to them it begins to crumble into disaster. But because there are so many angles for the filmmakers to come from---collapse of stairs, wild animals lurking, bad wiring---it manages to hold itself together for around ninety minutes. A big credit goes to Hanks, who's facial expressions are priceless at times. Such as when he accidentally hammers his thumb. Too stunned to curse, he does what we all do, as he begins to beat the hell out of the object he was hammering. Even his charm in the earlier scenes, like dealing with a bratty kid-star, are funny. Long is good as his sort of straight-(wo)man, but Godunov steals all his scenes as her self-absorbed ex husband. Bosco is great as the grandfather of the entire construction crew, and even the sub-sub-characters are engaging as everyone always has a goofy line to chime in with, i.e. the infamous "Two weeks". But the coup de gras of the entire thing is a slapstick set-piece that brings down the house, literally. All I'll say is that involves Hanks going on a proverbial roller-coaster ride in and around the house for a good two minutes. The choreography and timing, starting with Hanks and going all the way down the extras, is amazing. Even if you aren't into the film, at least stay until that moment. There's an extra-marital subplot, that usually in a comedy, never fits. But because we like Hanks and Long so much, we get into it. And it leads to one of Hanks' funnier line readings ever. To the longtime fans of the movie: "YOU WH*RE!"

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