The Monster That Challenged the World


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 80%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 32%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 1997


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Hans Conried as Dr. Jess Rogers
Max Showalter as Dr. Tad Johns
Tim Holt as Lt. Cmdr. John 'Twill' Twillinger
Audrey Dalton as Gail MacKenzie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JoeKarlosi 7 / 10

The Monster That Challenged the World (1957) ***

This rates up there as one of the better "giant monsters wreak havoc on mankind" movies that came out of the 1950s. The predators this time are overgrown snails/mollusks/caterpillar-like creatures that awaken from the pits of the Salton Sea after an earthquake shakes things up and charges them full of radiation. These monsters may appear of the dime store variety to those who aren't used to these "big bug" pictures, but actually they're pretty believable for a movie like this. Some of the assets setting this feature apart from its relatives would be the serious treatment of the story, some good acting and characters (it's fun watching Hans Conried as the knowledgeable scientist), and a few impressive pre-JAWS ocean scenes (one of the female victims meets a fateful watery demise, for example). Also adding to the effectiveness are some creepy ravaged corpses, the likes of which weren't usually this prominent back in the day. *** out of ****

Reviewed by ClassixFan 9 / 10

Giant molluscs threaten the world

Following an earthquake under the Salton Sea, killer mollusks make their way to the surface and make the locals part of their diet. This film is much better than what most fans of 'creature features' might suspect. The mutated mollusks really do have that creepy look to them and the cast seems to take their roles rather serious. Tim Holt, who was better known as a 'cowboy' from the early days of film is Commander John Twillinger and while rather short and stout, he hardly fits the bill of a lead, but does a nice job with this role. Audrey Dalton plays his love interest and Hans Conried is the scientist attempting to help the Navy destroy these beasties. This really is a fun film and trust me, there are far worse things you could watch and this film is really enjoyable.

This film was actually based on a true story!

Reviewed by graduatedan 7 / 10

A monster with delusions of grandeur

This tidy little "B" thriller features all the usual elements common to genre films of the fifties; a lantern jawed hero determined to get to the bottom of all the trouble, the stern scientist who provides the rationale for the beastliness and the comely love interest who provides the distaff side of the equation. That "The monster that challenged the world" succeeds in delivering an at times genuinely frightening experience is due, I think,to a great script and film makers who treat the material with respect. To do any less is a betrayal of the audience,in my view. The film is peopled with understated performances, especially those of Hans Conreid in a rare dramatic role and Tim Holt,a stalwart of "B" westerns, as the no nonsense Commander Twillinger. The monster of the title may not be as menacing as, say, Alien, but it provides enough creepy moments to satisfy all but the most jaded film goers. Nice photography and crisp editing add to the overall effect. "The monster that challenged the world" made almost fifty years ago, remains a fresh and satisfying example of the genre. Recommended.

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