The Naked Face


Action / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 7%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 816


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Roger Moore as Dr. Judd Stevens
Anne Archer as Ann Blake
Elliott Gould as Angeli
Rod Steiger as Lieutenant McGreary
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by uds3 8 / 10

A view to an acting career?

Moore knew he was living on borrowed time so far as Bond was concerned. Way too old, too slow moving and paunchy to be carrying a Walther PPK for much longer. His Bond contract allowed him to make two other films during this period - post OCTOPUSSY and pre A VIEW TO A KILL (that was to be his last JB outing)

Wisely perhaps, he chose this role as mild-mannered but wholly professional Chicago psychiatrist Dr Judd Stevens, whose life hits a major rut after one of his patients is stabbed to death - wearing HIS coat. Having no idea what is going on for pretty much the entire movie Moore conveys Judd's plight rather well I thought. As unlike anything Moore has ever done, he must deal with finding himself simply in the wrong place for seemingly no reason.

Several things to like about this flick - IF you care to look. Art Carney's turn as burnt-out but still cluey PI Morgens is a real gem of a performance. When Moore admits he doesn't believe in guns, Carney counters, "Yeah, well I don't believe in Santa Claus, but each Christmas he still comes round." The brief scenes in his ramshackle office are really worth looking at closely.

Cop Steiger is a tad over the top as is his wont - give him any opportunity to rave - he's in actor's heaven. Ron Paradi as mob boss Cortini puts across one of the nastiest and inherently evil men you would ever wish to not meet and Anne Archer is well....Anne Archer.

Totally unexpected last 20 seconds really lifts the film I thought.

Reviewed by martin_humble 8 / 10

Great thriller

In this 1985 step away of the bond era Moore finally gets to make a great movie. This is probably his best movie, maybe not in acting, but the script is hard to beat. The naked face origins from a novel by Sidney Sheldon. The story is good and it differs from many other in the genre. It is not easy to predict the ending. That alone makes this film worth seeing. There are also other facts that makes this well worth seeing. Rod Steiger plays more than well, making his character disgusting from time to time. Moore acts well and so does all roles. To this one ads good music and you cannot get anything but a great film. I say not it is excellent, but it comes close enough to be more than recommended.

Reviewed by planktonrules 7 / 10

a nice departure for Roger Moore

Was this a great movie, certainly not. However, it was a good movie and a whole lot better than the Roger Moore Bond pictures had become by that time. Moore plays a therapist whose life is about to be snuffed out--the problem is, he has NO idea WHO wants him dead. Exactly who really is behind the attempts and why it is occurring I will not reveal (it would spoil the film) but it keeps you guessing and the performances are good. This is a good attempt by Moore to do something different and I applaud his efforts.

If you like seeing Moore as someone other than 007, I also suggest you see Ffolkes This is an odd little adventure movie about a group of mercenaries who take over an oil platform. Moore's performance in this one is about as different from Bond as you could possibly find!

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