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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by meghana-meggy 7 / 10

Gets better every passing minute...

I finished watching The neighbor a few minutes ago and as of now(September 2016) I am not able to find a Wikipedia page dedicated to this movie, while even worse movies have their own Wikipedia page. Anyway, I decided to watch this movie solely based on its IMDb rating. Ans was I pleasantly surprised! I felt this movie needs to be watched by more people which is why I decided to write a review.

The first few minutes made me think it was going to be one of those movies with disappointing endings. But at half hour past the beginning, things began to turn and the ride got more and more exciting.

Positives: - Does not have too much gore like many other thrillers have. But still keeps u at edge of seat.

- Strong female characters who are not just there for skin show and they are the kind who don't need a male knight in shining armor to save them as in many other thriller movies.

- Does not have moments where people torture each other or give a long speech before killing them(no wiggle room for someone who's at gunpoint)

- All the characters are grey characters. Not completely good or bad. Gives us chance to think who we are rooting for.

Negatives: - Lacks character development which helps keep the movie shorter

- Had a weak start which can seem boring to some people.

Overall, it's an enjoyable movie.

Reviewed by Dan Harden 4 / 10

Hushhh! Don't Breathe!

2016 has brought us some very good predator vs prey in a house movies such as Fede Alvarez's horror hit Don't Breathe and the Mike Flanagan silent suspense film Hush. So now writer of Saw 4-7 and director of the Collector series Marcus Dunstan gives the sub genre a shot. Unfortunately for Dunstan, The Neighbour doesn't make the good list for suspense horror films this year.

The film is a little bit generic (as the name would suggest) and doesn't possess the unique quality that the aforementioned films possess. The Neighbour at its core is a snooping-into-other-people's-business-and-finding-something-dark film but fails to bring anything new and exciting to the mix. The dark secret that The Neighbour has feels rather tame when compared to similar films like Don't Breathe, as well as seeing as Dunstan wrote 4 Saw sequels you would expect something more out there and extravagant. This all being said, Dunstan does throw in some inventive weapons later on as the film progresses but it just isn't enough to save the film from forgettable genericness.

The film is a short one and so it focuses more on the progression of events rather than their probability. The plot twist surrounding the police officer is intriguing but is never really explained and also Rosie's stomach for violence is rather questionable. The film at the end becomes completely focused on action sequences and rapid pace that it loses substance in doing so.

So far I have been rather ruthless towards the director/ writer, but truth be told he does exhibit some rather slick and stylish directing at times. The opening credits and closing sequence stand out with their square box framing and weird black square central to the left of the screen. The film does have suspense and Dunstan does succeed in creating it at times and also does get inventive and a little brutal near the end, but these are only moments in the film, Dunstan needs to step his game up and make the whole film feel like those good on off moments he has shown throughout this film.

Overall, The Neighbour is a rather generic film with patchy pacing, that is more of a thriller than a horror. Writer/ director Marcus Dunstan has some interesting moments and ideas but they are so few and scattered that it isn't enough to save the film. Maybe next time he'll hit the nail on the head... or should I say camcorder to the head?

Reviewed by jtindahouse 7 / 10

Not perfect, but still very good

I'm a big fan of Marcus Dunstan. I'll never forget being in a hotel room late one night when a movie I'd never heard of called 'The Collector' came on, and I thought I'd give it a look. What followed were 90 of the most intense minutes I can remember seeing on film. While I still enjoyed 'The Neighbor', I can admit it didn't quite live up to those high standards. It's a fun premise, but instead of being tense from whoa to go, it has long sequences that are actually rather dull and hard to focus during. Those are really the only parts that let it down though, because the rest is excellent.

Josh Stewart fills the lead role again. I think he's an under-appreciated actor. He brings a tremendous intensity to a movie and manages to be likable, even when playing a crook (although often a crook who is the lesser of two evils). The main villain isn't quite as memorable as 'The Collector', hence the more toned down film title of 'The Neighbor'. I suspect that is what Dunstan was going for though. A more grounded and realistic story, while still keeping all the suspense of his previous films. He almost pulls it off to perfection and with some simple editing tweaks this could have been something very special. Alas it will have to settle for being an above average thriller.

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