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Reviewed by tomgillespie2002 4 / 10

Simply isn't funny enough

The premise of Seth Rogen's latest man-child comedy The Night Before, along with the casting of three of mainstream cinemas most likable actors, may seem like catnip to fans of Rogen's previous hits Knocked Up, Superbad (both 2007) and 50/50 (2011). Yet while his best films cleverly and carefully toe the line between dick- jokes and genuine sweetness, The Night Before contains plenty of the former but previous little of the latter. It also falls at the first comedy hurdle by simply not being very funny despite some chemistry between its leads.

Best friends Ethan (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Isaac (Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie) have got together every Christmas Eve to follow a ritual and party hard, initially started as a way to help Ethan get over the death of his parents. Only now, with Isaac expecting his first child with wife Betsy (Jillian Bell) and Chris enjoying late superstardom in the NFL, they decide that this Christmas will be their last. While his friends seem to be happy and maturing, Ethan seems to sleep-walking through life, earning money from a degrading job and heartbroken following his recent split with long-term girlfriend Diana (Lizzy Caplan).

The most frustrating aspect of The Night Before are the frequent hints at the much better movie this could have been. The tender relationship between Chris and his mother, along with an expletive- laden selfie rant by a drug-addled Isaac freaking out at the imminent arrival of his child, prove only fleeting moments of sentiment and laugh-out-loud hilarity. Isaac and Chris both have potentially complex obstacles to overcome, but the movie deals with them routinely and thoughtlessly. And Ethan, admittedly played with an earnestness by Gordon-Levitt, makes for drippy company. Only the scenes between him and Diana provide any hint of spark to his character as the naturalistic back-and- forth between the pair make for a believable and likable recently-broken-up-couple-who-still- love-each-other.

So without the charm of Knocked Up, the awkward brotherly bonding of Superbad or the heart of 50/50, The Night Before is reduced to little more than dirty jokes, drug-taking and celebrity cameos. The final destination for the trio is the illusive Nutcracker Ball, for which Ethan has snagged tickets. When they get there, its hard to see what the fuss is all about, and appearances from James Franco and Miley Cyrus - appearing as themselves and mocking their own tabloid personas - feel unnecessary and forced. An extended role for Michael Shannon, popping up every now and then as pot dealer Mr Green, is easily the best character in the film, but even his impact is reduced when director Jonathan Levine tries to over-explain him and introduce a fantastical element into the story. You can pull it completely apart, but the films main crime is that is simply isn't funny enough.

Reviewed by MovieLord23 6 / 10

A solid Christmas raunchfest

The Night Before comes from Jonathan Levine who directed 50/50, The Wackness, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, and Warm Bodies. He gets together buddies JGL, Rogen, and Mackie for a raunchy Christmas movie. These guys always deliver solid laughs and this movie is no different with some solid comedy and even a message although it is far from perfect.

Good: The trio of Mackie, Rogen, and Levitt play off each other well as friends and they bring a lot of laughs. Michael Shannon also comes in to bring laughs as well and comes out as the highlight of the film. The film also brings a lot of Christmas spirit which gives it an infectious sense of joy. The movie also brings a message about moving on and growing up that flows with the comedy of the film.

Bad: The movie lacks major laughs as it relies on the typical penis jokes we expect from this cast. The actresses they have here don't have nothing to add in the movie.

Overall, this is a solid comedy that serves as a good watch for the Christmas season. Nothing hysterical or memorable, but a good time to be had if you are in the mood for a raunchy comedy.

Reviewed by utgard14 3 / 10


Another garbage man-boy comedy about an adult in his thirties who finally decides to grow up (to get a girl, naturally). He's got two friends who have seemingly already grown up but, of course, we'll see they really haven't. You can check off most of the expected clichés that you find in these movies, particularly the ones that Seth Rogen is involved in. There's the couple expecting a baby and, of course, there's nothing remotely happy about that. Because in these things parents and those about to become parents just hate their kids and are filled with resentment and loathing towards them because they're nothing but burdens that keep the parents from partying it up and having "fun." There's also an inordinate amount of time spent on the tired joke of the guy who doesn't normally do drugs suddenly doing a lot of drugs. It's sad that Mr. Rogen and his comedy writing buddies seem to think we still live in the 1970s. This isn't some moral issue for me, railing against drug depictions in films or something. It's just so passé at this point. Does anybody still find it provocative, let alone funny? Some fresh material is all I'm asking for. Anyway, the movie also peddles in more recent (but equally tired) clichés, such as the fascination recent comedies have with showing penises for cheap laughs. Oh, and the cast has no chemistry. I did not buy for one second that these three men would be friends. It's just such a POS movie. I'm going to give it a 3 for Michael Shannon's small part but I wouldn't recommend anyone watching it.

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