The Night Before the Night Before Christmas


Action / Family / Fantasy

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Jennifer Beals as Angela Fox
Clé Bennett as Lonnie
Gage Munroe as Toby Fox
Jordan Prentice as Nigel Thumb
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deblmitch 7 / 10

Heartwarming movie but does not look like it takes place in Milwaukee, WI.

This is a nice Christmas movie that shows the importance of family togetherness during the holidays. Busy families can learn the importance of priorities from this movie.

Since I live in the Milwaukee, WI area the first thing I noticed was there were green and orange leaves on the trees. Leaves fall off trees in October and early to mid November in the Milwaukee area. Milwaukee is cold. The average high temperature is around 30 degrees and there is snow on the ground 50 percent of Christmas Eve's. Occasionally the temperature drops below zero in December. It sure would be nice if we could walk outside with our coats open and without gloves like in the movie. Maybe there could have been more research done so the weather was more accurate.

Reviewed by brantley7 10 / 10

The Night Before Christmas was great

Another Hallmark Christmas movie with plenty of the right elements but somewhat uninspired.

Santa crashes and loses his memory. He takes up residence at a disjointed, not really in the spirit of Christmas, family led by the ever watchable Jennifer Beals. His chief elf(not from 'Elf'), nicely played by Jordan Prentice, works with the family to try to help Santa get it together in time for you know what.

The family is too tied up in their work and own affairs to appreciate the meaning of the season and each other.

It's clean and well meaning but not super funny or novel. I'd say enjoy it for what it is. Merry Christmas!

Fun action believable, some sad family scene, but it ended with everyone finding themselves and the meaning of Christmas. well worth watching. Wow, haven't seen Jennifer Beals in a while - she looks great! Looks like a fun new Christmas movie!

Reviewed by theoneandonlyjimmypage 10 / 10

a fun one

I think that i need to watch 100 Christmas STORIES EVERY Holiday season , so then- I do. My list will include the serious, the light, the Beautiful, the Sad, the Sentimental, the silly and the funny....Great Cast and funny premise....there's like a SNL feel to this almost sort of.Will or Won t it be watched above many of the other cute or fun X mas tales.....i think so because its sharp in the right way. That is a consideration, the knowledge many , many people also will tune in....Beautiful People....Crisp Dialogue...and yes it screams aw! Glad i watched this one it makes for perfect bed-y-bye! Twas the Night Before the Night Before Christmas.

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