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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MovieLord23 6 / 10

A decent documentation on a sleep disorder that is barely touched upon

The Nightmare comes from the directors of Room 237, the nutty theory filled documentary about Kubrick's The Shining. This time, however, they are focusing on a very real issue that plague a lot of people: sleep paralysis. A disorder that leaves a person awake, but the body is in full shutdown so they can't move or talk. This kind of disorder has brought upon many examples of frightening nightmares that seem to blur the line between dream and reality and it is a fascinating subject to learn about. However, despite a good presentation and creepy imagery, this documentary fails to enthrall and inform.

Good: The movie has a sharp eye for creepy imagery. Every reenactment of the nightmares have a creepy atmosphere to them. Some of the shadow men were creepy and the scenarios can certainly prove to be quite frightful. It was interesting to hear how these people tried to avoid sleep paralysis and the various theories they had about what it meant.

Bad: The documentary can get repetitive fast since the stories generally revolves around four types of nightmares. While it is not the fault of the people interviewed, it would have been nice to see a change up in the format. There was also a lack of true analysis of sleep analysis with the only information is talk about some sites and the personal experiences of the people interviewed which again didn't really bring much aside from the experiences. The movie also tends to rely on some cheap jump scares that I felt cheapened the movie a bit when the atmosphere was already enough to give out the creeps. The lackluster CG in some scenes also killed some of the vibes as well.

Overall, it is an interesting documentary to watch if sleep paralysis is something that interests you or if it happens to you. Creepy imagery and interesting stories are plagued with a repetitive format and some cheap tactics, but it is worth a watch.

Reviewed by rgmurray 2 / 10

Nearly as much of a waste of time as Room 237.

There's little here that's of any value by the end of the film. Waste of time, feels much longer than its stated runtime.

I had hoped that the film makers would present the initial stories of the people suffering from sleep paralysis or night terrors or whatever they're experiencing before introducing a neurologist or researcher to explain more about the sleep cycle and what these people are going through.

Instead, we're left with a wishy-washy bunch of unrelated and dissimilar ghost stories. It might have been interesting to hear about the history of night time visitations from monsters and demon and how those shifted into witches or aliens as time went on. No, instead we are told stories about how people claim to have contracted their nightmares from someone telling them them.

We hear from a guy who claims that he and his girlfriend experienced a shared dream, and from people who were driven to Jesus by their demons.

At least Room 237 made some pretence of trying to find outside "experts" to refer to .

Reviewed by John Mahalick 8 / 10

Inside the minds of the nightmare afflicted

Sleep paralysis is a variety of dream which can seize a person prisoner in a ghoulish and tactile hallucination. "The Nightmare" profiles a dozen such severely afflicted individuals and invites you into their brains.

The recorded medical history of the disorder is touched upon in brief, only long enough to establish the subject's credibility. It's not a phenomenon that's been approached with much clinical discipline, and medical history is ostensibly not what this is a film about. It is instead fascinated with the experience itself, and the life these people lead.

Mostly the movie plays out through vivid dramatizations of dreams recounted in voice-over. It gets hella scary as the volume of awful steadily rises. A common vocabulary of bad things runs through it all, which amounts to elemental nightmare fuel.

This builds to the question of how his interviewees deal with their worsening condition. This film takes folks on an extreme of human experience and examines how they and then perceive their reality. What if sleeping meant you were attacked by demons? Would you explain it with cognitive science? Christianity? New age spiritualism? The film is patient enough to listen with interest and a sort of apathy to concrete answers.

It isn't perfect. Particularly there's some intentional fourth wall breaking-behind the scenes that's labored and distracting. And there's one dream recreation technique of photo slide show that isn't as hot as the rest.

But a unique experience of a documentary. Just watch it at night in the dark, don't be a chicken ;)

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