The Offering


Action / Drama / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 6%
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Matthew Settle as Sam Harris
Elizabeth Rice as Jamie Waters
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by subxerogravity 4 / 10

This turned out to be a dud

One of the worse ghost stories that I have seen in recent years. I was not scared at all.

The filmmakers did a lackluster job with the film. It had a lot to it. A woman comes to Singapore to find out why her sister took her life and finds clues that something supernatural was involved. Not a hard story to follow, but then they added in this extra story about a group of priest looking into someone using computers to recreate the tower of Babel, The stories interconnected real badly and I could not tell you how the filmmakers drop the ball with what could have been a touch down.

It's not scary and it does not give me goosebumps or creeps me out. It falls too flat to be any worth watching.

Reviewed by papajay224 1 / 10

Literally Frustratingly Terrible

I found myself imitating mystery science theater to keep myself full pulling out my hair and gouging out my eyes. The acting is purely Awful! The little girl thinks EVERY disturbance is her mom coming back, the word Mommy is used in this film more than anything else. The plot is terrible, had zero to do with Babel and the tower. Did I mention the offering is nothing? This is nothing more than a B exorcist movie with no plot and terrible acting, even the Asian Priest has miracle ability to hack cyber attacks..... Really? The Tower of Babel is pointless, there is NO offering, I literally would have been pleased had EVERYONE died in this movie. Save yourself the shame and don't watch this terrible film, it isn't even humorous in its terrible nature. If I had control I would delete this video from all things.

Reviewed by maxbasem 1 / 10

what is this??? another trash movie???

the dumbest movie ever ... i wonder why actors should agree about acting it ... and the stupid director says : I'm so used to being slammed, so negative reviews don't affect me any more...

if the director said it then he is surely a 100% stupid because if he doesn't care about criticism then how he could learn from his stupid mistakes? no wonder this movie is failing, he'd better learn the real movie making and directing, i don't think it is scary either, i slept easily on this trash movie.

if you really wanna make a movie that can compete Hollywood movies, then the director better to have some certain skills to make this movie successful, and you have to make it clear, offering for what??? offering a body ? a soul ? a slave? or a cat ? or a dog? God knows .. read this from the Fangoria magazine and you will understand me: "It's never clear, plot wise, what is supposed to be on offer in THE OFFERING, though anyone with any familiarity with occult flicks will find they're being sold a very secondhand bill of goods" LOL so funny ... when this stupid director wanna make the movie mysterious he fails ... because Chinese generally speaking are not good at fantasy as my friends said ...

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