The Ones Below


Action / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 53%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 6344


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Martin Bradley ([email protected]) 5 / 10

Too unpleasant to be entertaining

"The Ones Below" is a decent enough little chamber piece on the perils of parenting, particularly if you suspect the neighbors downstairs covet your new-born baby. It marks the directorial debut of writer David Farr, (he wrote "The Night Manager" for television), and it's nicely done but in the end it's just too unpleasant to be entertaining. Basically a four-hander and well played by Clemence Poesy as the new mother convinced her neighbors are up to no good and by David Morrissey and Laura Birn as the neighbors, (personally I would have moved out five minutes after they moved in). It's let down only by Stephen Campbell Moore as Poesy's partner. Considering his outing in a similar role in the nasty little horror picture "The Children" some years back I would suggest Mr Campbell Moore get the snip sooner rather than later.

Reviewed by newhopes 1 / 10

A Waste of Time

I expected so much more from this movie because I generally really like British movies.


Unfortunately, I figured out the plot (albeit not all of the minor twists) in the first 5 minutes. I give the writer/director credit for vivid character development without beating the viewer over the head. And the acting was stellar. But other than that the movie was like a predictable roller coaster ride (only because the acting was great, not because I wondered where the ride was going). But the ending left me absolutely wishing I'd gone for groceries. It was one of the least satisfying, predictable conclusions imaginable... It was fairly clear what had happened but there was no realistic ending.

What a disappointment!

Reviewed by Sherazade 4 / 10

So many plot holes I had to review this film...

This film could have been great if the makers would have just paid a little attention to detail. I had a question for almost every scene, for instance why was Kate's husband so money hungry? It almost seemed he was always in a hurry to get away from his wife because of one thing or the other but in the scene with his mother-in-law when he described his successes at work before the updates on the child he was about to have with his wife, I just deduced that he's a money hungry d-bag. Kate for all her many flaws was too trusting and needy but why? Okay so we know that her brother died tragically (this is not explained, audience is left to figure it out) and there is a rift with her mother but hasn't the writer given us enough to at least feel sorry for Kate when the story begins to unravel? Anyhow, here is one thing I know for sure...this film was made on an approximately 3.5 million dollar budget and only returned $42,951 at the box office (that's not even a flop it's a disaster) and the reason probably being its little audience walking out in anger, demanding their money back and warning others not to waste their hard earned cash on this turkey.

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