The Other Woman


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 23%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 58%
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London Elise Moore as Beautiful Woman
Leslie Mann as Kate King
Cameron Diaz as Carly Whitten
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Prismark10 3 / 10

Your cheating heart

The Other Woman is an unfunny, bland and messy romantic comedy that still finds itself sunk by its wafer thin characters and other better films that dealt with cheating husbands/boyfriends. Director Nick Cassavetes is far removed from the talent of his father.

Carly Whitten (Cameron Diaz) finds out her rich, successful businessman boyfriend Mark is married. When she meets the wife (Leslie Mann) they find out that they actually awkwardly like each other in an odd couple way. Later on they find out that he is cheating on them both with a younger and more buxom Amber (Kate Upton) so all three women team up for revenge by humiliating him.

Just so the audience finds the discomfort that Mark goes through is OK such as pooping in his pants because of secretly added laxatives they also make him someone who is framing his wife to take the rap for his dicey business dealings.

A tired, contrived and laboured film.

Reviewed by lejazzyistepic2 10 / 10

Loved it- well worth a watch- a comedy with substance

I know there are lots of negative reviews (critics, I mean) about this movie which made me unsure about going to see it. Basically what I can say is that reviews can't tell you how you are going to experience this movie- I found it hilarious. I came to a point where I couldn't breathe as I was laughing so much- a nice bit of stress relief. I didn't find that there were laughing moments the WHOLE way through- I don't know why the critics didn't like this though- at least it's not just a mindless comedy. It has a genuine plot line which is followed through- a comedy with substance- it's not just one funny scenario after another and this emphasises the hilarity of the funny moments that do come up. Would definitely recommend it- left me buzzing after wards- can be enjoyed by everyone. I found Leslie Mann was the shining star of the movie- so was Cameron Diaz (slightly less so than Mann). Kate Upton, I think contributed very little- don't know why she got the billing that she did. Nikolaj Coaster-Waldau also stood out for me.

Reviewed by Gemma Vance 9 / 10

Fantastic feel-good film

I must admit that i didn't think this would be as great as it was. I've been becoming bored with romantic comedy's but thought i would try this one out since i like Cameron Diaz. I'm certainly glad i did!

What i liked most was that i was never bored, unlike other movies where i am fast-forwarding parts, and found it entertaining and funny.

I liked the storyline and the characters, especially since there were well- known actresses and actors, although Nicki Minaj got on my nerves. The odd friendship between cameron diaz and leslie mann was enjoyable to watch. Although it is what i expected, i especially liked the ending too . Overall a great film to watch

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