The Ouija Experiment


Action / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 2 / 10

Amateurish and Laughable

"The Ouija Experiment" is one of the worst horror movies ever released on DVD. The film is amateurish with awful and low quality camera work using handycam and boring. The screenplay is ridiculous, with a stupid story. The characters are laughable: one shallow young woman that shags her boyfriend that is a wolf and gives a Rolex to him; the wolf himself that only wants to shag women all the time; his sister, maybe the most reasonable character; his friend that wants to play with a Ouija board with the three previous mentioned imbecile characters; and the student of cinema that wants to film the group to increase his Blog traffic. The direction and performances are amateurish. If the viewer rent this DVD and watch until the end, the result will be waste of time and money. My vote is two.

Title (Brazil): "Ouija: Onde Tudo Começou" ("Ouija: Where Everything Has Begun")

Reviewed by Marie Greene 3 / 10

Not terrific, but have seen worse.

Let's get the spoiler out of the way first, though it's more of a comment on accuracy. The story the friends find out about occurs in 1976. It's mentioned in a newspaper article that a neighbor who is "mentally challenged" was the suspect and that his DNA was found at the scene. Well, first, "mentally challenged" wasn't really used to describe someone that way back in the 70's. Unfortunately, "retarded" or hopefully, more like "slow" was more often used. Plus, DNA was not even a useful tool for investigators for another twenty years or so, first being referred to and the science explained at the O.J. Simpson trial. That doesn't happen until 1995. Those 2 things really glared, almost as much as the "not quite up to par" acting. I won't go over the summary, as others have done so. Still, it had its scary moments and I kind of liked the ending, or rather, at least, the idea of the ending.

Reviewed by Spiraled1 2 / 10

Bad movie to relay one important message, never leave your Ouija board without saying goodbye!

This is a new release on Netflix as of this writing.

At the very beginning of the movie it states "the film you are about to see is based on true events". If you do not know what that means for a feature movie, please look it up.

I gave this movie a low rating due to: -Atrocious acting from all main characters -No complexity or depth for any characters for you to build any connection or sympathy for them -Run of the mill horror film scare tactics, nothing new here

The only things I liked about the movie were a couple of comedic internet meme references and a "revelation" scene towards the end that was shot with back story characters. The actors in this scene performed much better than the main character actors and it was as if it was filmed by a different director and crew. Too bad that only lasted a few minutes of the movie instead of its duration.

I do not recommend adding to your watch list.

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