The Outsider


Action / Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 5%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 12%
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James Caan as Schuuster
Jason Patric as Detective Klein
Johnny Messner as Ricky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by msroz 5 / 10

Craig Fairbrass hunts for daughter Melissa Ordway while targeting James Caan

"The Outsider" (2014) is an action-neo-noir. Craig Fairbrass makes a very good impression as a British father and military contractor seeking his daughter, Melissa Ordway, in Los Angeles. Fairbrass is tough and brooks no opposition. His personal investigation leads to her employer, James Caan, who is pretty tough himself. Jason Patric is a cop who doesn't shave and who bends the rules.

The first half of the story is quite good as Fairbrass deals with resistance to his inquiries and Caan's men. But after he finds his daughter and they decide to expose Caan's frauds and worse, the story bogs down and then becomes quite standard action. This drop-off in tension and momentum starts when Ordway goes into a lengthy explanation of Caan's activities and her attempted solution to it, the latter of which was unfathomable. The picture has some merit. It's not unenjoyable, but its rough spots in story and acting make it overall a below-average entry. The neo-noir framework shows up in dark and night scenes and in the difficulties of the loner in an urban jungle in which a crook and murderer like Caan survives and prospers. The cops are all but useless and quite often present obstacles to justice and Fairbrass's search.

Reviewed by Dr Moo 5 / 10

It wasn't *that* bad! I've seen much better but also much worse.

This movie is not very good. That said, it's not awful and it will hold your interest long enough so that you stick with it to the end -- but I can't put my finger on why.

The problems with it are the characters, all one-dimensional stereotypes. We've got the British military giant-of-a-man, the estranged daughter, the detective and the corporate bad guy, as well as a handful of others who don't do anything beyond bulk up the cast list.

Take the Brit for example: His accent is convincing until you realise it can't decide if it's London or Northern, switching back and forth between the two often within the same sentence. His character is our lead and so we get behind him in his search for his daughter that seems to consist entirely of one coincidence after another with several scenes that see him beating up people for no good reason. The actor is not very good and has to be carried by his costars.

I will say this for the movie: James Caan is great in it.

Overall this movie is okay but nothing special. It's just so by the books and lifeless that you shouldn't care but there's something about it that makes you care anyway. This movie is a good way to kill some time on an evening in but that's about it.

Reviewed by glennhargreaves 4 / 10

Not a very good movie

For a film with Jason Patric and James Caan, this movie is very disappointing. The movie started well actually, but as soon as Lex Walker (played by Craig Fairbrass)showed up it went downhill from there. The storyline was terrible. For a movie that looked like it has a lot of action in it, well I nearly went to sleep watching it.

The ending was even pretty bad. I mean there was shooting upstairs and yet nobody downstairs heard any shots until two bodies fell into the pool. Schuuster (played by James Caan) was no more than 10 meters from the pool, fired about 12 shots and hit his target once.

Definitely give this one a miss.

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