The Palm Beach Story


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
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Mary Astor as The Princess Centimillia
Claudette Colbert as Gerry Jeffers
Joel McCrea as Tom Jeffers
William Demarest as First Member Ale and Quail Club
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evanston_dad 8 / 10

Husband and Wife Can't Hate Each Other, No Matter How Hard They Try

"The Palm Beach Story" is a lopsided comedy (part of it's funny and part of it's not), but the movie is back-ended with all of the funniest bits, so it allows you to forget the slower parts and it sends you out on a high.

After a sensationally bizarre opening credits sequence, the movie settles down into a slightly less zingy version of "The Awful Truth." Claudette Colbert thinks her marriage to Joel McCrea isn't working, even though he doesn't think likewise. She thinks she's not a capable enough wife; he thinks he's a failure as a man and husband. She takes off for Palm Beach to get a divorce despite all of his attempts to stop her. On the train to Florida, she meets a wealthy tycoon who wants to marry her and give her everything she could possibly want, but she realizes that what she really wants is her husband.

This is all told with a lot of wit and flair. The early scenes with Colbert and McCrea drag, and an extended bit of nonsense on the train involving the Ale and Quail Hunting Club is superfluous and not very funny. But once everyone shows up in Palm Beach, the film becomes a delight, and a bonus is added in the person of Mary Astor, who plows on to the screen about half way through the film and decimates everyone in her path with her quick-tongued and hilarious performance as a rich society lady with a lot of time on her hands and her sights set on Colbert's husband.

What I liked about this film was that Colbert and McCrea don't seem to have a lot of chemistry in their early scenes together; he seems so stiff and bland, and you don't really blame her for wanting to get away. But after you've seen both of them with other people, they seem so much more right for each other when they get back together, and there's all this chemistry you didn't initially realize was there. I don't know if that's due to their performances, the writing, the directing, or whether it was just a happy accident, but it works beautifully.

Grade: A-

Reviewed by blanche-2 8 / 10

Funny, wacky comedy of the '40s

Claudette Colbert is a knockout who knows it. She wants the good life, which her inventor husband can't give her. So she leaves him, intending on marrying someone who can support her and finance his invention. Things don't quite work out.

The opening of "Palm Beach Story" is a bizarre scene that only makes some sense (and I'm emphasizing some) at the very end of the film. It's certainly an original way to start a movie. There are some hilarious scenes in this film - desperate to get to Palm Beach for a quickie divorce, but with no money, Colbert accepts the invitation of the gentlemanly Ale and Quail Club to ride in their private train car as their guest and mascot. Unfortunately, the emphasis in this club is the ale and not the quail - shooting sugar cubes will do - also blowing out train windows, trashing whole train cars - you get the idea. Running from them, Colbert soon meets up with Rudy Vallee, who gives an absolutely delightful performance as a filthy rich man. He serenades her at one point, and it's great, hearkening back to his days as a crooner! Mary Astor is his many times married sister, and when Colbert's husband shows, in the form of Joel McCrea, Astor sees her next mark.

McCrea has a funny slapstick fall down a flight of stairs, but otherwise, doesn't have much to do except be angry and jealous of his wife. Colbert in her glorious clothes, Vallee, and a vivacious Astor upstage him a bit. A very funny film, produced during World War II to give America a much-needed laugh.

Reviewed by barrymn1 10 / 10

Besides being one of the funniest ever movies, Rudy Vallee should've won an Oscar!

Simply of the funniest, craziest and most brilliant comedies of all-time....for shear's Preston Sturges' funniest movies.

You can easily read the plot-line from the other reviewers, but I want to make a point about some of the performances.

Rudy Vallee, previously rather stiff on film, is simply hysterical in this movie. For my money, he should have at least been nominated for the Best Supporting Actor category for the Academy Awards. One of the most brilliant supporting comedy roles I've ever seen.

Mary Astor and Sig Arno are brilliant as well.

It's also amazing that those idiots at Paramount allowed Sturges to slip through their fingers....not long after this film was finished.

It's now available on DVD....a strip-down edition with no features whatsoever...and also part of the Preston Sturges boxset.

By the way, if the frantic opening over the credit are confusing, just note that both of them are identical twins!

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