The Patrol


Action / Drama / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
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Daniel Fraser as Lieutenant Jonathan Bradshaw
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tm-wood1995 7 / 10

Some are expecting too much...

As someone who is fed up with watching countless American films about their involvement in their wars, I was fairly excited to watch this British take on the Afghanistan conflict. Unlike the American versions however, this film had an incredibly small budget. Having said that, the kit is good, the sound effects and the explosions etc are incredibly good. It's not perfect however, the storyline could be better and at times some voices seem dull. But all in all, with such a tight budget, this is an excellent film, I hope that this production team will get together once more and produce another film with a slightly bigger budget.

Reviewed by Elliot Grove 8 / 10

The strongest anti-war film I have seen in years

I saw this film at the Raindance Film Festival in London and was literally blown away: The sheer simplicity of the story layered with as convincingly portrayed combat scenes you are likely to see anywhere in the movies, with a strong underlying message that underscores the futility of armed combat. By the end of the movie you see half a dozen British soldier trudging through the sand and you wonder what act of political madness sent these good men on a mission of futility.

The fact that a Brit has launched his feature film career with a movie of this ambition is, quite frankly, awesome.

Also of note: Was Nominated for a British Independent Film Award

Reviewed by sam-1384 9 / 10

See it and judge for yourself

This is a triumph of British cinema, giving an account of a war which has come to embody the West's reaction to terrorism. An army patrol with no understanding of their mission, overcome by the futility of their orders and betrayed by their politicians - an embodiment not just of our forces' presence in Afghanistan but of the nation as a whole. An ever constant threat, an enemy never seen, and the boredom of military life - this is a tough act to pull off in cinema and retain the audience, but The Patrol succeeds by virtue of its honest approach. We empathise with the individual cast members and this makes the conclusion all the more gut wrenching. Any war film which doesn't follow the "gung ho" line will have its detractors, especially when depicting current conflicts with such brutal honesty. The Patrol deserves to be seen by as wide an audience as possible.

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