The Perfect Guy


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Reviewed by kosmasp 4 / 10

Perfect Guy next door

All those thrillers are not only predictable, but sort of by the numbers most of the time. So it's not that bad if a movie can surprise you a couple of times. And while this never promised "steamy hot scenes" like the one with Jennifer Lopez, that were too hot for the rating board (self proclaimed and don't fall for that), it does have other winning factors. For guys it's the main actress and for women it's the two main guys, for various reasons (of course some men will like the male talent at hand and some women our female hero, I was talking majority).

Still there is some saving factors, though not so much the ever so good Charles S. Dutton who doesn't have much to do in this. No nudity involved but "steamy" situations, if that is something you are looking forward to. Also very nice eyes (Mr. Ealy that is)

Reviewed by Lola A 4 / 10


The movie is quit disappointing and shallow even though it has a story line that keeps you interested.

What I want to point out is the hypocrisy in this movie when it comes to expressing violence. When Carter expresses violence towards the men at the gas station he becomes a red flag (very reasonably) for Leah but when Dave expresses violence towards Carter in the restaurant (regardless of being not so intense as Carter's since violence is violence) all he gets is admiration from Leah. How come he does not become a red flag for being violent?

Life Lessons: not much to take with the exception perhaps that sometimes you have to take things on your own matter and be brave. But again this is very poorly and superficially presented. Dealing with serious crimes such as stalking, breaking in and murder and getting away with that so easily is just not realistic. Another lesson perhaps is that perfect does not exist and people should not be trusted so easily because they are usually not what they say they are.

Character analysis: extremely poor job done in the main character development. We never get to know more about Carter and his reasoning just that he was abandoned and was bipolar. What what else? There a lot of children raised in foster houses that turn out to be very successful and respected members of society, so this alone is not enough to explain his unreasonable behaviour.

Reviewed by KATO-SUBZERO 9 / 10

Great updated & Better version of Thin Line Between Love & Hate, Boy Next Door

Wednesday, 16 September 2015 I went to see the movie; "The Perfect Guy" with talented and pretty Sanaa Lathan. I like her in all of her movies and she is pretty eye candy for men who love women. Morris and Michael are equally good in their roles.

The movie is well worth the money. I enjoyed all of it, as did the audience by their reaction while I was watching it.

However, in the 80's when I was in college in cinema studies, I remember one of my professors telling the class I was in that every movie or TV idea has been done at least once or even twice. Look at all the versions of vampire movies of old style to action vampire movies such as Blade to romantic such as Twilight or movies about space.

This movie is a good twist on such movies as "Fatal Attraction" with Michael Douglas & Glynn Close, "Thin Line between Love and Hate" with Martin Lawrence or the more recent, "Obsessed" with Idris Elba and "Boy Next Door" with beautiful and talented Jennifer Lopez.

I think the writers did a good job with this version. I give it a 9 and two thumbs up. I also like the fact that Not a lot of profanity cursing in it and no real nudity, which was a plus.

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