The Perfect Wave


Action / Adventure / Biography / Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 33%
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Scott Eastwood as Ian McCormack
Cheryl Ladd as Mrs. McCormack
Rachel Hendrix as Anabel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bryn De Kocks 3 / 10

A laugh in all the wrong ways

Being a surfer, I saw the poster and figured why not... I could settle for a mediocre storyline and even mediocre action so long as the riding was good.

Unfortunately I got bad acting, mediocre storyline and ultimately a free church service.

There were moments when the acting caused laughing in the audience, and truly took one away from the movie. And while the movie started out fairly decently, things got progressively worse. There were narrative areas which stated what could have been concluded in the end, about 40 minutes before the end, thus giving away half the mystery.

The last 20 minutes however was the point where I wanted to walk out of the theatre. The movie took a dramatic turn from a movie about a man's desire to catch the perfect wave, into a direct and unashamed attempt at converting viewers to religion. Since it was based on a true story, there are elements that are inescapable and to be expected, but had I known that I would spend 20 minutes being preached to about how everyone needs to find God - I definitely wouldn't have gone to see this.

Reviewed by penny-prosperity 1 / 10

Perfect letdown

I can't remember having ever seen such a bad acted film. Ever! Wooden acting throughout by all, really all, actresses/actors. Awful music choice. Too loud and too bad.

The no longer young man starts out to find his perfect wave. You don't know where from he actually starts out until they mention it way into the film. If I would have had that mother I would not have waited until I was 24 - I would have run away as soon as I could. Dear, she was either stupidly grinning or telling her story how she found Jesus, or crying or praying while crying and rolling on the floor. You sit there and watch and think what is that all about? I can understand a strong bond between mother and child, but that was so over-dramatic and inexplicable - it just left one wondering and hoping that they finish that scene soon.

Is that film just a way to sell religion? The end was seriously the worst choice in a film full with bad choices from the beginning. Why do you have to get the man who inspired the movie to get his 3 min of preaching time? And write the name of his church in the screen credits, should I go and donate money for a sequel? Join the club, because I converted?

Only watchable were the scenes with pure nature without any interruption by bad acting.

And who on earth casted the very untalented son of Clint Eastwood? That man should go and find a profession that does not involve talking to an audience.

This film proofs there is no god, she would never let us suffer that much.

Reviewed by gstead-942-30503 8 / 10

Thought provoking and visually stimulating surfing tour of S.Hemisphere in search of the perfect wave.

Surfing tour following the true story of 24 year old New Zealander, Ian McCormack, via some of the best spots in the Southern Hemisphere in search of the perfect wave and then finding a wave of a different kind. Full marks for excellent cinematography, editing and music. The movie awakens all your senses. Superb footage of NZ, Australia, Bali/Indo, South Africa and Mauritius. Inspires me to travel more. As a non-surfer, it inspires me to surf too. What epic waves and rides. The storyline is gripping and life-changing. Acting was up there too. Main actor is the son of Clint Eastwood. Carried his role very well. I always enjoy movies based on true events. And the main message is thought provoking.

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