The Presence


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Mira Sorvino as The Woman
Shane West as Ghost
Tony Curran as The Man In Black
Justin Kirk as The Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheDelBellos 4 / 10

Genre not totally accurate.

I watched this movie yesterday and was very disappointed. It is definitely not a horror movie, so don't waste your time if your looking for that. Somewhat a thriller, but definitely a drama.

It started out very strange...and boring. I made myself sit and wait to see if it got any better. The first 5 minutes was a waste of time. Still shots of the inside of the house...each room...and they lasted for eternity. It finally found it's way into a "movie". Yes, the acting is great as well as the scenery. I loved the old cabin. It had it's potential to be a very good, scary movie, but it simply lacked that.

There were so many empty holes at several intervals of the movie. The storyline didn't share what was fully going on. No explanation of certain events.

I did watch the entire movie but I could have turned it off at any point as I knew I wasn't going to miss much. If you have nothing else to watch, it's watchable. But if you have an option for another to watch, do so. I would skip this one.

Reviewed by sallymom34 10 / 10

Wonderfully original ghost story

I recently caught this beautiful film at the Dallas Film Festival. The response of the crowd was certainly different from some of the reviews here. The audience loved the movie, which was evident not only by the response during the movie but during the Q&A after the movie with the director. I went with three other people and while our reaction in some ways was split - two of us loved the opening, which is very quiet, very still and two were not as fond of the opening section as they were the rest of the movie - by the end all of us found the movie very creepy and thought-provoking. Some people in the audience, including one of our group, cried at the end. We all had different interpretations of what was going on. We found the ambiguity in the movie very refreshing. Finally a movie that asks the audience to participate and think! Subsequently I am befuddled by some of the reviews here. I guess some people were expecting a horror movie but the movie is not a horror movie. The director, while noting that the production team has had a hard time labeling the movie, given it is so different from the norm, did call it a Gothic romance. One of my friends thought it was a twisted fairy tale. It certainly is lushly photographed and the score we all thought was incredible. I don't want to give away too much but if you are in the mood for a creepy, tense yet someone romantic twist on a traditional ghost story, and you don't mind being asked to think, this is an excellent film. People always seen to complain about Hollywood making the same type of movies over and over. This definitely is not the same old thing!

Reviewed by Bill Thorton 10 / 10

Beautiful and unsettling

Some of the reviews are wildly different from the reactions on the Facebook page. I'm not sure why some of the people were expecting horror, it doesn't seem to be billed as such. At any rate, I found it very captivating and pretty unsettling at times. My girlfriend thought it was less scary but romantic. We both loved it and thought it was cool we reacted to it in very different ways. It is unlike anything either of us have ever seen, which was a plus for us. The acting was top notch and the score is incredible. It is definitely not the same old thing anyone has seen before. I'm not even sure what you would call it. I've read it is scheduled for some kind of release in the fall. I'd encourage people to check it out.

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