The Purge: Election Year


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller


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Frank Grillo as Leo Barnes
Elizabeth Mitchell as Senator Charlie Roan
Kimberly Howe as School Girl #4
Mykelti Williamson as Joe Dixon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by charlesbeutt 1 / 10

Left wing liberalism taking over Media everywhere

White men are stereotyped to a new level. The hero is a white blonde who cares about "poor people" and uses terms like "over represented". More poor people are heroes talk. A room full of rich people say that they need to stop the poor from destroying them- all white men, no one Jewish, no one black, no one middle eastern- just those evil white men.

A room of black people acting like stereotypes, one black guy saying "I only care about waffles and p***y", a sensitive hispanic guy who loves the liberal blonde woman, looks like he will cry at the TV showing the blonde liberal. I wonder if blacks will get offended by this, but judging by the black directed comedies that have come out recently, I doubt it. this is seen as "endearing".

Since whites in the US have been stereotyped from the first second, they had to fly in some Germans to stereotype europeans as well. Blacks are peaceful, whites from anywhere are murder crazed...great messages.

I think the only people not stereotyped by this movie are Jews, Asians, and native Americans. I would hope that no one would support this movie and its racial hatred towards whites. Facebook and youtube are now shutting down channels critical of the liberally correct hatred of whites and other type of liberal hatred, i.e. feminism's hatred of men. Now mass murdering whites is encouraged, cause their all rich right?!

Reviewed by pennyblenny 2 / 10

I wish I could purge this movie from my system

I love a good action movie. The last two "Purge" films were okay, nothing amazing, but I was willing to give this one a shot. Honestly, it was nauseating - not from violence, but from politicization. Regardless if a movie's political message resonates with me or not, if it gets to overshadowing the whole thing, then I feel it ruins the film. That was the case here.

I was fully expecting cheesy one liners (trust me, plenty of those) and gory action, and if that's all you want from this film, then I think you'll like it. I wanted to be lighthearted and enjoy it, but it went sour from preachiness REALLY fast.

I'm just glad that I went to a free screening - if I had spent my money on this, I would have been mad.

Reviewed by Fiurilli 3 / 10

A worthy contender for the Razzies

Even though the first two 'The Purge' movies weren't all that great I still had a fun time seeing it and was interested in what this newest installment in the series could bring.

The movie starts off with an uninspired news broadcast that sets up the story about a senator running for presidency whose goal is to abolish the annual purge (an event where for one night all crime is legal). The current government or 'The New Founding Fathers' want nothing of this and would prefer to have this senator out of the way.

In the beginning of the movie the director uses some interesting lighting techniques whenever new characters were introduced where the way their faces were lit gave an indication on their moral standpoint is on the purge*. Sadly after a mere half hour these subtleties disappeared and what was left was a movie that just went from action scene to action scene with some poorly written dialogue in between.

The characters themselves are also very bland. With only a few lines of dialogue their entire backstory is revealed and with these same lines the movie tries to get the viewer emotionally invested. This is not done successfully however and when things spiral out of control and the unavoidable does happen it is more likely met with laughter rather than tears.

Blaming all of this on the dialogue would be too harsh however considering the acting is sub par. Often times lines are delivered in an almost laughable manner, although with a script like that you can't really ask much from the actors.

Overall the movie was incredibly boring to watch and is a worthy contender for worst movie of the year (although I think Independence Day: Resurgence will claim that 'trophy'). If you've got money to spare then please save it for when a better movie comes out.

My rating: 3/10

* for instance the senators face is fully lit up when we first see her, while the faces of the government officials is fully dark on one side

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