The Quiet Earth


Action / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 63%
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by caspian1978 5 / 10

Good Science Fiction

If you're looking for a science fiction flick that has nothing to do with little green aliens or intergalactic civil war, check out this film. A terrific story about a man waking up to find out that everybody in the world is gone. Vanished! He is the only one on Earth. A great part of the film deals with the struggle of having to be alone. Very original, very interesting, and very entertaining. Check it out.

Reviewed by Magnet-2 10 / 10

Inbalanced Rationale

I should begin by stating that I LOVE this film, which may explain, if not justify the following comments.

This is an excellent exploration of the human mind in a fantastic situation, but more simply just a damn good science fiction thriller.

I would agree that the first half is the better part, but to those who criticise the second half as being cliched and unstructured I would argue that a new impetus is needed by the time Zac has lived out his various fantasies and flirted with insanity.

Where many appear to feel the film is confused and leaves many matters unresolved, that very ambiguity and bewilderment was what I enjoyed most. For most of the film you DON'T know where the characters have found themselves, whether they are actually alive or dead, or what reality they're living in.

In accordance with this fascination I found the ending superb, accompanied as it was by that haunting theme music. Maybe it came as a result of the writer not knowing how to end the thing but it was never going to be a film where everything fell into place by a few cunningly worded lines at the conclusion! Therefore I liked the fact things were left unexplained, unsatisfying though it may be.

In short, I would definitely recommend this film, which seems to be dusted off and screened late at night on a regular basis by BBC 2 (English terrestrial channel). I know it won't appeal to everyone, but there will be those surrealists who do love it, if only as a fun and bizarre Sci-fi.

Reviewed by Sean Haffner 8 / 10

I Always Liked This Movie

I first saw "The Quiet Earth" on Cinemax in the late-1980's (every Wednesday night, Cinemax would show foreign films). many other users have pointed out, this isn't your typical sci-fi flick (no monsters, no extended action scenes). But this movie is unique in that way -- it's a sci-fi flick without much sci-fi in it.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm a huge sci-fi geek -- but the thing that kept my interest while I was watching this movie the first time (and what makes it stick in my mind to this day) is the realistic way this movie deals with a totally unrealistic subject. Bruno Lawrence's reactions to his situation were not your usual Hollywood teen flick "Hey, there's nobody else in the world...let's party!" reaction. Instead, you see Zac (Lawrence) change from a man who couldn't care less about people into someone so desperate for companionship that it drives him temporarily insane (to the point of where he thinks that he's God).

Yeah...strangely enough, the addition of other characters into the picture actually hurts the story a bit, but it also allows Zac to explain to everyone what may have caused the world's population to disappear. It also gives Zac a reason to try to right a wrong that he had a hand in (thus redeeming himself).

The amazing beach/planet-rise visual at the very end of the movie is an image that has stuck in my head for all of these years. It's one of the few actual sci-fi elements in the film, and it has a great look to it (almost a modernized version of those classic "Forbidden Planet" backdrops). As enigmatic as the ending is, I always felt that it was a perfect ending for a movie that had an enigmatic beginning -- it basically brings the movie full-circle.

Sure, "The Quiet Earth" isn't your classic sci-fi movie...and it definitely is NOT for all sci-fi fans, but if you're looking for something different without all of the overdone Hollywood flash, you may want to check it out. I'm on a bit of a search thru my local DVD stores to find a copy of it, myself (I'm sure I'll find it in one of the bargain bins...because I doubt any video store manager will appreciate the quality of this forgotten gem).

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