The Quiet Hour


Action / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adampsb 1 / 10

Absolutely Dreadful

This was without doubt one of the worst films I have ever seen. There is no explanation about what the aliens are, what they want, where they came from, what they are doing, what they look like.. in fact apart from a couple of shots of their ships you would be hard pressed to realise there were any aliens at all.

It has the feel and the ambiance of a good independent movie but just lacks the little things that would have made it a success. The hint that the initial person that enters the house is lying and then repeated by the gang member just isn't elaborated upon enough especially when she says they disagreed on what to do to survive, there is the hit of cannibalism that isn't detailed enough in terms of examining whether he had done so and who he really was with the knowledge of the gang members.

The scene where they almost kill themselves by drinking bleach is touching but as all they would have needed to do would be walk up the road it doesn't really have the desired resonance

The plot is simple enough and the acting reasonable but the characters simply do not develop and in essence the film doesn't really go anywhere which leaves you wishing you hadn't bothered.

Reviewed by J M IRISH 1 / 10

Mad Straw Bogs

As I watched this mixture of clichés,stereotypes and costume characters from assorted other films I was just thankful that I had not attended the various film festivals that had selected this film as an entry. If there is an independent film that gives the title "independent" a bad name it is this one. And the positive reviews ? One wonders if there is an attempt by friends or professional "others" to sell films like this via review systems . What film festival selection committee could select this film as sci fi ? Or as independent....the very nature of this kind of cinema is an attempt to produce cinema which is outside the mainstream, not just in production/distribution , but in cinematic styles and/or content/themes....but also offering an attempt at originality. The Quiet Hour offers none, and as such is horribly depressing in that so many festivals, and those who promote such a concoction of stereotypes, represent poor respect for the real wealth that cinema has to offer...

Reviewed by paul-catanach 1 / 10

Utterly, utterly dull.

I really should learn to check reviews before watching these things. I could have gone out to the shed, got some paint, daubed it on a wall and sat down to watch that dry instead.

Described as "sci-fi" there was very little to merit that description apart from a few brief CGI shots of alien spaceships hanging from the clouds like haemorroids. At least that was all I saw of the sci-fi element in this film before I realised that its lack of pace was casting an air of gloom over me and switched off.

The plot is slow. I mean, glacial. It's also, how can I put this.........dull.

I tried really hard but gave up after 35 minutes.

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