The Quiet Ones


Action / Fantasy / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 36%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 26%
IMDb Rating 5.1 10 16634


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Sam Claflin as Brian McNeil
Olivia Cooke as Jane Harper
Erin Richards as Krissi Dalton
Jared Harris as Professor Joseph Coupland
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dallin Rhoads 8 / 10

genuinely surprised by the negative reviews

Aside from The Exorcist, possession films always seem so lacking. They never have enough real, human tension. They focus on predictable jump scares and an even more predictable plot. It's safe to say that, in general, possession films don't have much to offer. Thankfully, The Quiet Ones does not suffer from the same faults of many other similar films.

Rather than simply focus on the dark progression of a possessed being, The Quiet Ones presents the frustrating fears that torment the young, inexperienced scientists, as they struggle with their desire to help a suffering being through the means of science and logic, the underlying threat of possible demonic possession,and the obsessive nature of Professor Coupland.

The performance of the cast is top notch, the effects are subtle, the only disappointing aspect was the very, very end, and the fact that as a whole, the film just wasn't that scary. Still, if the concept of possession interests you, but you've been disappointed with past projects, you might want to give this a shot.

Reviewed by Lucas LeDain 7 / 10

Good and creepy. However; easily forgettable, incomplete and has a disappointing ending.

So, The Quiet Ones. I gave this film an 8 out of 10. I would however give it a rating of 7.8 if I could.

The Positives: The Quiet Ones is very successful in building up tension. It builds it up and then a jump scene comes at you and throws you out of your seat!

It is also a great concept. As the story progresses you begin to see more to the story than what we first thought.

Also TQO manages to go into different stories based on real legends (e.g. The theories they come up with and the covens they slightly touch upon.)

It is also quite creepy and intense with many scenes that make you say to yourself: WTF?!

The Negatives: TQO does not go deep enough into the story. They could have made the run time longer resulting in the movie being a lot more frightening. At the end of the movie, clearly not destined for a sequel we are left with many un-answered questions.

It is easily forgettable! After watching the film I simply left the screening. I did not take a minute to think about what I watched, literally the second I left the cinema I forgot about it.

The ending is also very disappointing. After all the build up I bet you were expecting a dramatic, jaw dropping climax?.... Well this movie does not offer that. Up until the end all the other negatives could have easily been forgiven. All it would have needed was a better ending.

And finally I'm going to tell you the problem with this film that occurs all of the time. 'Based on a true story'. If you are a director reading this STOP ADDING THOSE 5 WORDS! It makes the film feel scarier obviously but it also makes the director have to keep it realistic and that is usually a big downfall!

So 7.8 is what I give this film. It is creepy, jumpy and an interesting mix of found footage genre cinematography and regular cinematography. However; TQO simply isn't very believable and it is not good enough to get out of the 7 rating.

Reviewed by Finalreminder 2 / 10

Shallow and plodding

The film is slow, plodding and lacks any depth. The scares don't scare. It lacks suspense or creepiness. Character development falls flat on it's face; you just don't become endeared to any of the characters, at all. Rory Fleck-Byrne and Erin Richards seem completely redundant in the film. Jared Harris performed well, but even he couldn't save this one. I think the whole possession thing has been done to death, and to pull it off nowadays takes strong characters, a solid story and a bit of a twist. Insidious for example. I personally wouldn't waste time and money on the film. Wait until it comes on TV in a couple of years. Definitely not a must watch movie.

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