The Rebound


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 42%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 46%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 41609


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Stephanie Szostak as Alice Marnier
Skai Jackson as Museum Little Girl #1
Zabryna Guevara as Teacher at Museum
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spectrelives 7 / 10

Slow start, but way above expectations.

I went into the movie with low expectations. Wasn't hard, given it has been slammed by most critics and the pretentious on RottonTomatoes. This was not helped by a rushed, detached start which made me feel doubtful that the movie would pick up from there.

However, The Rebound quickly takes a swift turn for the feel-good drama and I was very impressed as it became not only a light romantic comedy but more a well-thought, rounded character drama with all sorts of little sub-plots, rich character development, great performances, and a genuine likability to every part of the movie. It was just very well done and the rest did not feel rushed at all. If only it had been about 10 minutes longer at the start to get us to really feel that too, instead of brushing aside the seriousness of it as if it were a slapstick laugh-job, it would've scored another star or two.

Definitely go see it if you liked "500 Days Of Summer". And go see "500 Days of Summer" if you haven't already. Are you kidding me?!

Reviewed by sree-howlett 8 / 10

Decent Dramedy

Justin Bartha finally bags a lead role and what's better than teaming up with the ever green Catherine Zeta Jones Douglas. A decent drama comedy and romance with unexpected dialogs - reflection of reality is a bit scary. You don't get a lot of movies like this one these days. Every time you see something close to reality, you get grossed out or end up calling it "weird" and the romantic parts from this movie is nicely done as well. With a wide range of cast including ART GARFUNKEL have all done a great job. Highly recommended! I'm very happy for talented Justin Bartha as I've been waiting to see him in movies that offer him good roles and more screen time.

Reviewed by eanthon 8 / 10

another great romantic comedy

I went to see this at a screening this week and took a friend, I'm 33, he's 23... perfect "couple" for this film. We both enjoyed the film and found it in the same vein as some of the great romantic comedies. I love that older women can still be attractive and younger men can "step up" to the responsibility of being with a woman with kids. Some guy friends said that was a deal breaker for them. I am certain that with this film you will see more relationships with older women/younger men out in the open. Best part of the film was when Aram & Sandy were going at it on the couch while her kids were asleep. They are caught in the act when Frank Jr. comes out and asks "Did you just pee on my mom?" I think our entire theatre died of laughter. Oh the trials of dating when you have kids!

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