The Retrieval


Action / Adventure / Drama / History / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 68%
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Bill Oberst Jr. as Burrell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lmiller4 9 / 10

A gem of an unknown film

A young boy struggles with adult dilemma when he is put in a situation where he must choose between his survival and that of a stranger. He comes from and emotionally and physically barren world, treated like chattel, unloved. He accepts his lot because he sees no future for himself. While sent off by a bounty hunter to bring back a gullible freed slave, his sense of morality and kindness is stirred. Will the touch of human kindness by this stranger bring him redemption? No spoilers.

I am surprised that this film has not received a wider audience. I picked it up on line.

Reviewed by Larry Silverstein 7 / 10

Slow-Paced But Powerful & Compelling Tale

This slow-paced but compelling and powerful tale is probably geared towards a certain audience, those having the patience to allow characters to develop and a story to unfold in its' own timing. The movie kept me absorbed and guessing till the end what the outcome would be. There's a strong sense of realism, fine cinematography, and first rate acting here.

As mentioned, the acting leads in the film are all top-notch. Set in 1864, in the woods of Virginia (although I read the movie was actually shot in Texas) as the Civil War raged, a young boy Will (Ashton Sanders) and his uncle Marcus (Keston John) have been forced, under penalty of death, to work for the vicious slave hunter Burrell (Bill Oberst Jr.).

Will and Marcus have been given the assignment of traveling North to find a man called Nate (Tishuan Scott), who is digging graves for the Union Army. They are told to use the ruse that Nate's brother is dying (although he's already passed) and that he's requested to see Nate one last time.

When they find Nate they convince him to travel back South, and a good part of the film will revolve around the perils and travails the men and the boy will face through the Virginia woods and swamps, as Civil War battles occur all around them.

To me, the heart of the movie is the bonding that occurs between Nate and Will, and the continual tension whether Will will let Nate know he's walking into a trap. It will all culminate in a haunting and shocking finale that stayed with me for quite a while.

I thought this was a fine effort from Chris Eska, who wrote and directed the movie. I would be interested in seeing any future efforts he comes up with.

Reviewed by avidnewbie 10 / 10


Don't care for movies about slavery? Feel that there is nothing new or profound left to be discerned from such a well beaten premise? Would you rather not be blatantly reminded of the horrors of the civil war period of history? Well, dear movie viewer, let me allay your fears and reassure you that there is no need for hesitance in regards to watching this wonderful film. Is there killing in this movie? Yes. However, this is not done so as to pander to the audience. This is not violence for violence's sake. Nor did I get the sense that the intent was to dredge up feelings of guilt in it's viewers. This film is unique in the sense that it is the only movie about slavery which is not centered on the depiction of travesties but is instead a morality play about universal themes such as love, longing, regret, hope, kindness, selfishness, doubt and resolve. The casting is top notch as all the characters, from the young lead to the smallest cameo's, are utterly believable. Period detail and cinematography are also exceptional. There have been many films on this subject and in my opinion The Retrieval stands shoulder to shoulder with classics like Glory and Ride with the Devil. A must see.

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