The Reunion


Action / Drama


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Ethan Embry as Leo Carey
Amy Smart as Nina Carey
Boyd Holbrook as Douglas Carey
John Cena as Sam Carey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by icyfires-440-360433 7 / 10

Pretty good

I went in thinking this was going to be a check your brain at the door and hopefully enjoy the movie in spite of bad acting. Turns out this movie was really good. I went in with super low expectation. I like bad movies. I know that they are bad or cheap it does not mean I can't enjoy. However, this was well done funny, great characters, well-acted. Stuff blows up, people get shot and there are warm fuzzies. Eye candy for men and women. John Cena you surprised me I was expecting a big dummy. This is not Oscar worthy stuff, but still done well. I would have paid to see this in theaters. Sit back enjoy the ride and be happily surprised.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 6 / 10

It's not a bad story, but it's for Cena fans only.

John Cena stars as the oldest of three bothers, whose father just died and creates a will that would make all three rich if they can get along together long enough to go into business together for two years.

It's sounds like a comedy, but Cena plays a cop while his brothers are a bail bonds man and a thief, who while trying to track down a skipped bail end up evolved in taking down kidnappers.

It reminds me of another movie, the Marine 3. It has the same format in which the WWE recruits one of it's superstars to head up one of their movies but the movie is littered with so much stuff that The wrestling superstar gets overshadowed a bit (as a safety net just in case he cannot hold the film down)

Although Cena is a way bigger attraction than The Miz, he was far more center stage in this movie and does not need as much help, but I guest they wanted to make sure as the film does have a lot of drama.

It's more complex: Three bothers who don't know each other well because of their drunken father, trying to get along, when they all got their own serious problems. A business man not paying attention to his son, cause he's too busy making cash, gets kidnapped by the people he screwed over, plus many more elements as the film goes on.

It's not that bad of a story, that adds dimensions to Cena's one track acting methods. He's not much of an actor but he stays in the Cena character, which is what you came for.

I wold have expected the focus on all three brothers would have met getting bigger names to play the other two brothers, but that's not what happen. Amy smart was the only other well known actor I see in the film, but her part its very small.

Otherwise it actually not a bad picture, better, definitely if you are a Cena fan.

Reviewed by Uriah43 5 / 10

Got a Little Cheesy and Predictable Towards the End

Upon the death of their father, three brothers named "Sam Carey" (John Cena), "Leo Carey" (Ethan Embry) and "Douglas Carey" (Boyd Holbrook) join their sister "Nina Carey" (Amy Smart) for the reading of his will. To their surprise they all find out that each of them have inherited $3 million dollars. However, as the executor of the will Nina tells them that receiving it is contingent upon all three of them forming a business and working together in it for 2 years. Although none of them like the idea, it just so happens that Leo is a bail bondsmen who is liable for $250,000 for a crook named "Edgar Rodriguez" (Rio Alexander) who apparently has fled to Mexico. Since he doesn't have that kind of money he appeals to Sam (who is a policeman and has recently been suspended indefinitely for assault) and Douglas (who has just gotten out of prison) to go with him to Mexico to help retrieve Edgar. Since neither of them have anything better to do they reluctantly agree. Along the way they find out that Edgar may have been involved in the recent kidnapping of a billionaire and that there is a reward or $5 million to anybody who has information that leads to his rescue. Naturally, this interests them as well. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this movie started off really good. Unfortunately, it got a bit cheesy and predictable towards the end which left me somewhat disappointed. Even so, I suppose it was an okay film for the time spent and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Average.

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