The Rewrite


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 64%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 41%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 14044


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Marisa Tomei as Holly Carpenter
Allison Janney as Mary Weldon
Hugh Grant as Keith Michaels
J.K. Simmons as Dr. Lerner
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Gothic_Maniac 8 / 10

This movie is totally underrated!

OK, I had to write a review for this movie.. actually, it's my first review here.

Nowadays, there aren't many movies making one smile or giving some good lesson..and I think this movie is very very warm-hearted and shows exactly the reality! There isn't one scene where I can say: "Wow, that was much exaggerated!", 'cause it isn't.. Besides being a family-friendly movie, it speaks to every generation, good for the young and the old. Hugh Grant is really someone who can make you laugh with his cold and cool attitude and his bizarre sarcasm. I'm very grateful he did this movie. All other actors are also rightly chosen and a plus for Marisa Tomei for looking awesome!

Reviewed by kinkyghetto 9 / 10

Classic story about getting older

Hugh Grant is an icon and icons get older too, like the rest of us mortals. Here's a wonderful movie portraying a 'has been' screenplay writer in Hollywood struggling through life, divorced and no clue how to be a dad to his 18 year old son, which he didn't speak to for over a year. He hits rock bottom and is forced to teach at a remote university upstate New York to pay his bills.

In the bumpy process through it all he realizes that teaching gives him a true perspective on his own life and enjoyment for being valued by his students. He finds peace in not juggling anymore in Tinseltown. The script is magnificent, it tells a story through a comic lens with a melodramatic touch. It's a a classic romantic comedy with lots of nice movie clichés. Hugh Grant didn't loose his touch, he matured and accepts it, the floppy hair turned grey. Excellent casting by the way. Nice to see Marisa Tomei, Allison Janney and J.K. Simmons in a supporting role.

Reviewed by Neil Welch 7 / 10

Underdeveloped, despite being quite entertaining

Screenwriter Keith won an Oscar, but that was years ago. Now on his beam ends, he is left with no alternative but to accept a post teaching screen writing at a minor US university. But, given that Keith is a bit of an a-hole – charming and talented, but an a-hole nevertheless – not to mention libidinous (he stocks his class with attractive, beddable co-eds from the start), it appears that his days as a lecturer may be numbered.

Hugh Grant can do effortless charmers in his sleep, and this film places no great demands on him. Marisa Tomei as the mature student who helps him to find a side of himself which he didn't realise was there acts rings around him. He also gets good support from Alison Janney, JK Simmons and Chris Elliott in a film which raises chuckles from time to time as it runs along rails to its completely expected conclusion.

It's not a bad film. There are quite a lot of references in the script for film buffs to enjoy, and some clever lines. But there is no emotional depth, no characters rise much above cliche, the class of students is drastically under developed and underused, and there are no surprises. It is an enjoyable time-passer, no more.

I did enjoy the scenes over the closing titles, though, especially the one showing Sara Lu's little secret.

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