The Ridiculous 6


Action / Comedy / Western

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Adam Sandler as Tommy aka White Knife
Taylor Lautner as Lil' Pete
Terry Crews as Chico
Steve Buscemi as Doc Griffin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gentilepc68 1 / 10

There are no words...

To describe just how incredibly bad this movie is. Seriously...what was Netflix thinking when they gave the green light to this horrible piece of dreck? You know the kind of movie you start watching and about half an hour in you realize just how incredibly bad it is but you figure you're this far in so you might as well see it through? Yeah that is this movie.

From horrible dialogue to incredibly offensive stereotypes (and this is coming from someone who loathes being pc) this movie has just about everything you can think of to dislike in a movie.

Sandler brings along his usual companions in this one (Buscemi, Schneider...Vanilla Ice(???)) but even that (formerly) funny bunch cannot save...this.

Reviewed by jscotthobby 1 / 10

Another Sandler flick that made me angry instead of making me laugh.

More of the same garbage from Adam Sandler. This abomination has the same thing nearly all his other movies have had: humor that only eight, nine and maybe ten-year-old boys would (should) think was hilarious. Problem is, much of it is not AT ALL appropriate for that age range -- undoubtedly this would be, deservedly, PG-13 in theaters had Netflix not picked it up.

It is stunning to me that his movies rake in so much cash, and that so many bonafide actors (Keitel, Buscemi, Zahn, etc) agree to be in them. And I like Dan Patrick has a sports personality -- but come on ... these movies hurt your brand sir. Bad look.

So it's come to this: I honestly believe that if not for the normal bodily functions of humans (and animals of course) for Sandler to make fun of -- over and over and over again in this, and about all of his movies, he'd be a broke joke remembered mostly for his okay SNL skits from 25 years ago.

A truly awful movie that I couldn't get but about half-way through it was so bad.

One star out of 10.

Reviewed by mbeallo-78462 1 / 10

How Do These Get Made?

I very rarely take the time to review movies, but I had to put in my two cents' worth on this one. I should start by saying that I'm not a big Adam Sandler fan. I don't dislike him, I generally just don't like his movies. A few exceptions would be 50 First Dates, which I liked, and Click and The Wedding Singer, which weren't bad.

But this movie . . . Wow! Did anyone at Netflix read the script before they green-lighted it? I cannot imagine anything worse, even if they had intended to make a bad movie.

Apparently Mel Brooks said something about this movie in relationship to Blazing Saddles, saying that Sandler's movie couldn't touch Brooks' classic film. Boy, was he right. You want to see a great comedy Western? Put on Blazing Saddles again.

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