The Rise and Fall of a White Collar Hooligan 2


Action / Crime

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Ricci Harnett as D.S. McCartney
Nick Nevern as Mike Jacobs
Billy Murray as Mr. Robinson
Vas Blackwood as The Pro
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Reviewed by FlashCallahan 5 / 10

Time to get tasty in Spain my son......

So I saw this straight after the first movie, and I was intrigued with just where the makers could take this film, and to be fair, it's not the greatest movie ever made, but it's an improvement on the first.

This time, the film feels more like a caper than anything else. We still have the awful narrative, but the film feels more confident, and the sectors do a lot better this time around.

The titular character has been relocated to Spain, after grassing on his colleagues. Think Buster with out Phil Collins and more swearing. He goes to a football match, and is spotted by two really poor actors pretending to be hard men.

They apprehend him and kidnap his girlfriend.

He has just four days to pay back 2 million pounds (see the first film), or she gets it.

So its a race against time, and desperation, as the cast and crew try and find somewhere that looks like a New York street in England.

Its a lot more lighter than the first film, no scams or winks to the camera, just a man trying to get money.

It has all the typecast characters from these types of film, most evidently the two henchmen, one is old and calm, the other, a little rat who thinks he's hard.

It's pretty short, and it ends with a load of football hooligans invading a stately home, think Looking For Eric, without Eric and More swearing.

And it promises a third, which no doubt I'll watch because it leaves you with a Cliffhanger...

Reviewed by leonblackwood 4 / 10

Pretty Average! 4/10

Review: I thought that this storyline wasn't as good as the first movie, but they obviously had a bigger budget to play with because it was shot in different countries which is never cheap. The movie starts from the 1st movie in the franchise and it does a recap of everything that has happen since. It then goes a bit wishy washy and then its starts picking up and they cut out a lot of the unnecessary swearing which is not a good way to portray English movies. Anyway, I liked some of the wit from Simon Phillips but it still seems average.

Round-Up: No doubt, they will be releasing another movie in this franchise, which is actually not a bad idea because they might have enough money to make a half decent movie. They might need to reboot the franchise with a different leading character because his acting is way to stiff, but I don't that many people will be that bothered with people's performances.

I recommend this movie to people who were fans of the first movie. 4/10

Reviewed by richie_efc 2 / 10


OK, its better than the first one (which is appalling), i'm so intrigued as to why Simon Phillips is appearing in so many films with the same group of actors, its like a little clique, very odd! This film could be OK with better actors, the main guy Mike, is embarrassingly trying to be like Danny Dyer, in look, and in dialogue, the football hooligan who has only ever been to one match (in his expensive Slazenger cut off shorts) in 2 movies of this crap collection of 3.

Rita Ramnani is about the only good thing to come out of these group of actors, it seems they are making movies by the truckload, Simon Phillips has the irritating lisp, Peter Barrett is the ugly one with the gap in his teeth, they are responsible for the worst movie ever made in 'Alien Uprising' i hate these films with a passion, a passion which seems to drive me to watch them (sadistically), just to see how much worse they can get..

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