The River Why


Action / Drama / Romance

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Reviewed by PATRICK FLORIO 10 / 10

we always fish

It is hard to point out certain aspects of life. You live a passion but you do not explain it, but how do you talk about it without demising it. Passion is the essence of life and we can only fulfill it when we feel it. You do not always know what you are passionate about. When life starts to expect something from you and it seems tied to you in particular then you understand the real need. We all expect love from our world but we cannot predict from where. When a gravitational pull comes into play you feel its attraction. Loving someone as they truly are is true love and when really expressed it is invisible. In the 'The river why' it is so pleasantly narrated and it makes you wish it was so easy. Unfortunately it is not always like that but the fulfillment in loving is worth the wait.

Reviewed by Evangelia Synodinou 6 / 10

Why not?

The River Why is based on a novel, written by David James Duncan. In a few words, it's about a young fisherman who leaves the city life to go and live in a house by the river and do/find/think about what he loves.

If one would like to find himself somewhere, that looks like a nice place to do it. Romance isn't missing, but it's more like an inspiration here (the way love should be, i guess).

The movie was filmed in some very beautiful locations in Portland, Oregon. It seemed like a documentary actually. A pleasant one. Had some good music and lots of nature sounds and thoughts about life. Zach Gillford was really good, so was Amber Heard. As far as William Hurt concerns, i think he's a brilliant actor and manages to bring up small parts in greater levels.

It was nice, quiet and inspiring. It flowed like a river.

Reviewed by John 5 / 10

It is all about family

The majority of this movie was filmed on our family homestead in Western Oregon. The location is not mentioned, nor is the family, by request. However, this gives the story special meaning to the descendants or my Great Great Grandparents who homesteaded the valley.

It is interesting to see how people find meaning in life, events, and what is important in life. While this is not a story about our family, there are traits that replay in all people, and families.

If it does not help you understand yourself, it may help give you insight into those around you.

Obviously today the particular cabin in the movie is know to us as the River Why Cabin.

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