The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption


Action / Adventure / Fantasy

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Dave Bautista as Argomael
Ron Perlman as Horus
Kelly Hu as The Sorceress
Billy Zane as Talus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shabi24 1 / 10

very difficult to watch

This movie has some terrible acting by Victor Webster and they try to add humor which ends up being very dry. After 10 minutes watching you feel like just turning it off. I gave it a chance and watch the entire movie. A complete waste of time watching this movie.

Before watching this movie look and see if anyone has one good thing to say about this movie. Its the worse movie I have seen in a long time that I'm glad I did not purchase this movie. Its not even worth being placed on the $5 clearance shelf at any store.

be warned this movie is not worth watching at all!!

Wasn't one time where anything good or decent happened and you will just be searching the entire movie for something to validate watching the movie. movie for the trash bin for sure.

Reviewed by kate_uk-929-522981 1 / 10

A Xena like film, nothing to do with the Mummy or the Scorpion King

After seeing the Mummy films, from which i loved, i was excited at the first Scorpion King film to show show his story. Then they had a sequel showing the upbringing of the SK, which had mixed reviews, but was watchable. This had me thinking - they should've left it at that.

Watching this new sequel to the scorpion king films, I wouldn't recommend to anyone. The acting is appalling, the fighting was very poor. Their attempt at keeping the storyline entertaining failed miserably, you would think an Arcadian would be able to fight. The main character Mathayus, was played by a non action star in an action film - don't make sense. Avoid at all costs!!

Reviewed by joshlance 1 / 10

B-Grade Movie

It's very unfortunate that a movie with such a star studded cast should be made with such a low budget. The sets are weak! The lack of people on the sets is deplorable. The "Kingdom" seems more like a village with some excuse of an army. The use of CGi is very evident in many scenes and makes the whole set look very cheap and tacky. The "Great" Scorpion King keeps getting hammered in almost all the fights! None of the "glory" or the fact that he's a "great" warrior come's through. Story line has none of the punch or substance like the previous installments of the movie! The story ends with a whimper and not with a bang as the movie would like to portray! So sad! Total Dis-appointment!

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