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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by minibeech03 9 / 10

OMG Critic's

All I can say about other critic's for this movie so far, don't quit your day job. They obviously see the world as all black and white. Which is likely why they can never seem to grasp their head's around the concept's of movies such as this.

I could barely recognize Katie Cassidy in this movie. Not just because of her makeover for her character she played, but generally did a really good job playing it. Normally I get annoyed by her acting but she did a fine job here. The rest of the supporting cast did well also. It's probably a good thing they didn't have Sasha Grey in more than 1 scene. I admire that she's trying to become an actress coming from being a porn star, but she's definitely not the strongest actress out there.

The movie starts off slow, but is just intriguing enough to maintain your curiosity and easy you into the crazy/intensity that comes later on. Not sure why it' only classifies this as a thriller. It should easily considered Sci-fi as well. Especially when it steps into the topic of unlocking people's full potential, resulting in levitation, telekinesis, etc... The last 20 minutes or so definitely have my full and undivided attention.

I don't want to give too much away so if you have an open mind and are a fan of anything Sci-Fi or graphic novel based, I suggest you give it a try and it might just surprise you. If you you only see things in black and white and can never wrap your head around certain movies because they are just simple, real-life drama stories, then why bother. If you can't like, understand or be open-minded for any movie you watch. Then your review really is irrelevant. If I take anyone's advise for a movie I might be interested in, I'd rather listen to the person that understood what was going on.

Reviewed by J. (CountJonnie) 6 / 10


The movie starts out mysterious, trying to be a thriller. You'll see the main character (perfectly played by Arrow's Katie Cassidy), being a suspect in a murder case, who is also a mental patient. As a mental patient she lives in a building full of other mental patients who are too crazy to be credible, just as her head is inhabited by various personalities.

Obviously the movie wants you to wonder what kind of reality (or realities) you're in. While making you think, the movie transforms from a mysterious thriller into something more sci-fi / fantasy. This could be a good thing if it wasn't already well done by The Matrix, or Identity. As the movie transforms from mysterious to crazy and loses all credibility (yes, superpowers), somehow the lead characters succeed in becoming very interesting. Maybe the lead character isn't as crazy as we were meant to believe and her acting skills (together with her co-stars) make this movie watchable and fun, while all the puzzle pieces fall in their place.

My advice: don't watch this movie expecting something very complex, but it's good enough thanks to the actors who take their job seriously. The nod goes to Katie Cassidy. After disliking her in Arrow, she made me a believer. Thanks to her the movie is now a 6 instead of a 5.

Reviewed by brchthethird 5 / 10

A classic case of style over substance

Here is yet another film I went into mostly blind was OK. There were some plot elements that recalled SUCKER PUNCH and MEMENTO, but for the most part it was its own thing and very distinguishable from those. The plot is about Suki, a mental patient with dis-associative identity disorder who is undergoing treatment with a machine that is supposed to "burn" away those extra, unwanted personalities. There have also been a recent rash of deaths of which she is the prime suspect. The best thing I can say about this movie is that it has a very cool visual style and some decent effects and action despite the low budget. Sure, the rain-soaked, color-corrected, graphic novel-esque look has been done to death in the years since SIN CITY came out, but this one felt original enough that it was interesting to watch in that regard. However, I thought that the story brought nothing new to the table, and was equal parts silly and stupid. And, despite a "who's who" of character actors filling out the cast none of the performances were that memorable, let alone great. Katie Cassidy does fine in the lead role as Suki, but she never shows much range. All of the other characters border on caricature and are only there as the plot requires them to be. Also, the plot was very thin and only really does something with it in the last act with a twist that can be seen from a mile away. So, if you like comic books and/or graphic novels and you're looking for something different, by all means check this out. However, if you require a little more from your movie than cool visuals and the barest minimum of a plot then maybe you should skip this one.

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