The Secret Life of Pets


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dhainline1 10 / 10

I Always Wondered What My Dog was Thinking!

Max is your ordinary terrier who loves his mistress Katie and he waits with baited breath for her return every night from work. His friends also wait for their owners, but not with the dedication Max has! Leonard, a large poodle plays rock music when his proper owner who loves classical goes to work, while Chloe a rather snobby cat pushes away her bowl of cat food when her owner goes to work. Gidget a small white dog who loves Max watches soaps while a pet bird pretends he is a fighter plane. Everything in Max's world with Katie changes when she brings home a large brown dog named Duke who steals Max's bed and food. Max wants Duke out of the picture and in the real world when the dog walker Katie hires doesn't do his job right, Max seems to get his wish. However,things turn out bad when Max along with Duke get picked up as strays and it is up to Chloe and Gidget to get them back. Chloe and Gidget hire a scavenger bird and a crazed white bunny named Snowball to get Max and Duke back.

This is a very funny story about the way our pets see the world and how they see us! Max learns to love Duke even though he doesn't want to share his owner with him and both are lucky to have Katie in their lives. I recommend this movie to all pet owners!

Reviewed by bkrauser-81-311064 6 / 10

Flavorless but You Could Do Worse

I start this review by first acknowledging there's nothing wrong with this film from a family-oriented entertainment point of view. It's colorful, it's fun at times, provides a positive message about acceptance and provides a clever enough high concept to keep the kids on their keesters for 80 minutes. As a rudimentary children's film, you certainly can do worse.

The problem with The Secret Lives of Pets stems from its complete inability to marry story, character and concept into a discernible package. As it stands, the film is rushed, bulky and is chalked full of nonsensical choices that cripples any verdant ideas that could have been. It's a first draft; not a final product.

The story begins with a happy Jack Russell Terrier named Max (C.K.) who lives with his owner Katie (Kemper) in a surprisingly roomy Manhattan apartment. Things change drastically and suddenly with the arrival of Duke (Stonestreet) a large, shaggy Newfoundland whose introduced as a "new brother" to Max's chagrin. They, of course don't get along and after a series of confrontations find themselves lost. The first to notice they're missing is a lovestruck Pomeranian named Gidget (Slate) who recruits the rest of Max's friends among others to recover them from the vast streets of New York City.

The rest of Max's friends are barely worth mentioning as they're mostly utilized to push the buttons and pull the levers on some uninspired comedic set-pieces. They're not really useful to the plot, nor do they succeed in being the Toy Story (1995)-inspired resilient and diverse gaggle the movie hopes they are. Part of the reason for this is none of the side characters actually solve any problems. They jet here, they jet there but when faced with any obstacles they just seem to rush it. Gone is the creativity of having Mr. Potato Head fashion a new body out of a tortilla; now we have elderly Basset Hound, Pops (Carvey) hobbling through construction sites with stalwart confidence.

Frankly focusing on the story's tagged-on villains might have paid more dividends. The broad machinations of Snowball (Hart), a bunny with delusions of grandeur are easily the best part of the film, even if they remain painfully underdeveloped. Additionally his "Flushed Pets" group could have complicated Duke's allegiance to his new owner or more easily pegged Max as a fully socialized pet and therefore in need of re-education. Snowball was the best chance the movie had in getting audiences to truly know the characters we're supposed to be rooting for but instead they blew it on prolonged chase sequences and a sausage factory bit that goes absolutely nowhere.

And that gets me to the biggest problem I have with this film; the creators' approach to the high concept itself. The film tries to have its cake and eat it to, portraying characters with innately human characteristics but still clinging to the charming pet-like idiosyncrasies we know and love about our furry friends. For example, Gidget recruits the help of Tiberius (Brooks) a hawk who at first tries to eat her. She barely escapes his talons only to trust him once more because that's just what a peppy little dog would do. Max's friends Mel (Moynihan) and Buddy (Buress) don't even notice Max is gone because, being dogs, they're distracted by butterflies and squirrels. They're certainly not a rag-tag group of lovable rogues, they're a confederacy of dunces, successful only because of the ever changing allegiances of the main antagonist. Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention Snowball at one point joins forces with Max to save Duke in a climactic sequence so blithely unnatural it renders the friends search and rescue completely moot.

This film is a rushed, characterless, flavorless kids film that just barely stretches its plot over the skeleton of its story structure. As I said before, if all you're looking for is a bland and forgettable family film, you could do worse. Yet provided it's appealing concept, you'd really think the animation studio that made Despicable Me (2010) could do better.

Reviewed by kanssdev 10 / 10

A great movie for kids, greatly animated, AMAZING music, great story line, FUNNY!

Amazing. The trees were all vibrant colors, the pets had amazing animation. The city itself was so detailed I wondered how long it took to make. The water flows so nicely. The jokes were hilarious, tons of kids (and adults) laughed and giggled the whole time. Although seeming very intense at times, the music flows great and goes great with the story line. This movie teaches a slight bit of friendship, and adaptation. I rate this 10/10 because I find it very understandable, laughable, and friendly. All in all, a great movie to watch with the whole family. Also, each character has its own personality which adds to the movie!

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