The Seminarian


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by michaelrthomson 1 / 10

Full of clich├ęs - and bad acting

I'd not read the reviews, or indeed anything about this before downloading it to watch, I thought it could be an interesting storyline - although one we've heard before.

The opening ten minutes was enough to prove that one should not bother with this sort of content. I turned it off and went and watched some paint dry which was more interesting than this stinker.

Two days later I'd run out of paint so I thought i'd try again, being tenacious and all. What I was rewarded with was the most awful acting, and complete clichés everywhere in terms of the 'gay' storyline. This mixed with an awful presence of religious judgments was enough to do my head in.

I didn't really find anything original in this at all, the stories have been told better by plenty of film makers. I'm not surprised I've never heard of or seen these 'actors' elsewhere - their only real expertise was how to remain wooden and expressionless throughout, even in the occasional moments that might otherwise elicit a response.

Ultimately this is a good 90 mins of my life I'll never get back, I cannot for the life of me think of any aspect of this movie that redeems it.

Oh one last comment, I think the film maker threw in several penis shots just to create interest (or enthusiasm), all it served to do was highlight that this movie wasn't the only flaccid thing going on on my TV screen.

I would say if you have 90 mins up your sleeve, and you can't find any drying paint or grass growing to watch, then you could bore yourself with this debacle of a movie.

Reviewed by adykstra-983-384944 8 / 10

Well written, directed and acted

I found this to be a refreshing film and very satisfying. I watch many gay movies and find many to be mindless. I am forgiving of many flaws, but not poor writing. This film delivers excellent writing. I wondered for a while whether this was originally a play. Material starting life in another medium has usually been well thought out. I read one of the other reviewers who found the action too slow. Perhaps like many people, that reviewer is too impatient. They cannot wait around for character development and their impatience is their loss. I did not find this slow-moving at all.

I found the relationship between Ryan and his mother believable. There was one scene where Ryan is ending his visit with his mother that I wished the camera had lingered just a little longer on his mother's face as she watches Ryan leave. We could have read in our own thoughts. No doubt some would have complained, though. Perhaps some were put off by the fact that the majority of characters were Evangelical Christians who were not easy cardboard targets.

This film does not pretend to be anything but what it is and I found it to be immensely satisfying. This is one for repeat viewing.

Reviewed by aretel 2 / 10

Very dull and unexciting

This film lacks the luster to captivate it's audience right from the start. The story line of a gay closeted seminarian student Ryan (Mark Cirillo), working on a master's thesis based on love, relationships and hypocrisy, in order to get into a post graduate Ivy League school makes very little sense in the evolution of this film. The story makes an attempt at character development, but falls short in its execution. Ryan's character is bland and unexciting with extended close up scenes that's are without dialogue or expression which makes you want to press the "fast forward" button. The cinematography and editing was sloppy and unimaginative, and does nothing to enhance the film's objective which is to allow the audience to identify with Ryan's struggle on theologies and personal experiences.

The gratuitously long nude scene with Mark Cirillo and Matthew Hannond seemed awkwardly out of place at the end of the movie and had no purpose other than to sensationalize Cirillo's well endowed member and to provide a hook for potential future audiences. There is nothing in this film with substance or character identification; making this film very difficult to watch in its entirety. This is perhaps due to the shortcomings and lack of vision that Joshua Lim has for movie making.

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