The Shack



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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 83%
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Sam Worthington as Mack Phillips
Radha Mitchell as Nan Phillips
Tim McGraw as Willie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Daniel Endy 10 / 10

The Best Spiritual Movie I've Ever Seen

If you are spiritual, but not religious, see this movie. If you are religious, see this movie. If you have suffered a great tragedy or loss, and you are in pain, see this movie. If you have tried to make sense of spirituality and religion but could not, see this movie. It is full of wisdom and metaphor and not your standard religious dogma. It's the best spiritual movie I have yet to see.

Reviewed by patsworld 9 / 10

You Will Come Away From This One Thinking - And Feeling

This is a wonderful family film. Here's a tip for Hollywood. My friend and I go to a matinée pretty much every week. There are sometimes, at most, a dozen, sometimes a half dozen, people in the theater. For this one? The room was a good half full. Now tell me why Hollywood insists on producing nasty, foul, poorly-written and acted pieces of trash all the time? Really. Anyway, this one gives you so much to think about. There are several instances of symbolism in this picture that took my breath away, that brought me to tears. Well written, well-acted, this one is so worth seeing. I am anxious to see it again and trust me, that isn't often the case. I took away from that theater a new feeling and I've thought about several of the lines of dialogue many times since. The truth and the trust of this picture will stay with you. I know it did me. I am always surprised by Tim McGraw. The man can surely sing, but he can also act. He's a natural. Octavia Spencer seems to be in about every movie there is lately - well, not quite but still - however, there is a reason. She is wonderful. She brings her role to life every time. And she most certainly did in this one. Trust me, this is one you want to see. Take your family. Take your friends. Or go alone. Doesn't matter. Just see it.

Reviewed by Matt David 2 / 10

First 15 minutes interesting, then it goes to south

Don't hate Christian films, "Midnight Clear" was a great film, and because it was a low budget Christian film, Stephen Baldwin's portrayal as Lefty was ignored for any award consideration.

But I hate stupid films that refuse to take the path of proper resistance. Case in Point:

So you're in a shack w/ God(s), your daughter was murdered by a serial killer THAT'S STILL OUT THERE LOOKING FOR MORE VICTIMS, and not once, not freaking once do you ask God "Where is he?"

This is where the movie fails. It would have been far more interesting, more challenging, and a better experience if the issue wasn't rehashed 16th century philosophy and instead, whether God would answer that question (Knowing the main character already off'ed his dad in the first 10 minutes of the film, and so was certainly capable of ridding a child killer).

Nope, 90 minutes of talking and nothing more. Die hard Christians will eat this up, moderates not so much.

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